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Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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Six Flags Magic Mountain's X2 is a revamped version of the California amusement park's "X," the 4-D roller coaster that proved to be the undoing of Arrow Dynamics.

X2 offers lighter, stronger passenger trains than X, as well as on-ride fog and fire effects. X2's seats are mounted to the side of the track, allowing them to rotate in synch with track elements.

You start with a 200-foot face-down dive, then flip heels over head into a raven turn. At some moments, you're riding forward, others backward. All told, riding on Magic Mountain's X2 is like riding a compilation of best moments from other roller coasters.


Wow. This is unlike anything else. You really can't know what it is like until you ride it. It's just insane. I really have no issues with this ride. It is an experience unlike any other. It's my second favorite roller coaster only behind Lightning Rod at Dollywood. 10/10
For an Arrow Dynamics ride, this was actually smooth. This ride is designed to scare you half to death. I honestly could not believe how many curse words were coming out of my mouth. Every so often , your seats would somersault, which really was what scared me. I was holding on to my restraints for dear life. I wanted nothing more this ride to be done. When it did finish, as much fear as I had, I had double the adrenaline. I clapped at how much of a thrill this plunged into me. Never in my life was there such an amazing rush of adrenaline. This ride shall remain in my list of favorite coasters. A quick note to the parents, please do not drag kids onto this ride. This will ruin their image of coasters.
This coaster is amazing. The on board soundtrack really adds to the ride. After the lift hill, the only word that truly describes X2 is "insane". You are doing all these crazy flips and turns, and the G-forces are amazing. Overall, this is the most unique coaster in California and is one of the best coasters I've ridden.
There is no other ride in the country as unique and cool a X2. It will always be one of my all time favorite coasters.
I need to give X2 another chance. As one of the few coasters I've ever ridden where I truly scared for what awaited me, it stands out. The ride is one of a kind, but it wasn't exactly smooth, which I should have seen coming as it is an Arrow Dynamics creation. There was a substantial amount of thigh-beating jolts near the end of the ride that really knocked some points off it in my book. The restraints are also extremely awkward and give you nothing to really hold onto. It's an experience you won't soon forget, but I wouldn't dare say it's as enjoyable as Tatsu or even Colossus. 8/10

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