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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

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Formerly known as Superman: Ride of Steel.

Generally considered one of the three best steel coasters on the planet, this attraction underwent a transformation in 2009 with the introduction of new trains featuring on-board audio, as well as special effects along the ride including fire and mist.

Riders climb 208', experience 10 seconds of weightlessness, and reach speeds of 77 mph along a mile+ long (5400 foot) track. Two underground tunnels are featured on this ride. The first drop is 221'.


I have never ridden a coaster where I felt such a big difference between front and back seats. In the front, it's good but not great. The back, though, is awesome and puts this coaster in my top 5! For me, the back is a completely different ride -- the airtime is so much more intense. My favorite parts are the first drop and the final two airtime hills. I also love how the coaster never loses its speed.
This ride tied with Superman The Escape From Krypton is my favorite ride of all time. Now I'm going CP this summer, so I might get some new favorites. This ride is pretty old and loud, but still isn't too old. The 2nd hill after the over banked turn is one of the best parts due to the airtime. I'm pretty sure this is a award winner because you keep you speed the whole time and there's no brake runs at all till the end (same with MF).
Really smooth ride. Nice layout with lots of airtime. No pyro or audio when I rode. Paint is coming off track. (EDIT: Re rode today and because I wrote this and no one else has posted I just edited it to what I thought this time.)
Bizarro to this day is my favorite roller coaster ever! Its hard to get better than a fantastic drop mixed with intense curves, bunny hills producing great airtime, and the effects to go with it. Bizarro is just absolute perfection. The only downside is that you half to get off
Best airtime of any coaster in the country. Mill.Force and Superman/Bizarro have been ranked 1 and 2 for the last 10 years by Golden Ticket.
I rode this when it was still Superman but it is AWESOME. First Mega Coaster I've actually ridden more than once! It is SOOOO freaking smooth it's unbelievable. On the second ride, I ended up unfortunately in the back...scared the pants off me. If you luv airtime, sit in the back. I don't really like air time, at least not THAT much of it. I thought I was gonna be ejected, luckily I wasn't but I can assure you I was hanging on for dear life. I won't sit in the back anymore but I'd luv to ride it again! Too bad there's not a score higher than 10 on here, I'd give it a 100++. Just keep in mind, large people cannot ride this ride. I BARELY fit in the seatbelt & I MEAN BARELY. I liked to have never gotten it fastened but luckily I did. You will NOT be disappointed!

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