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Drop Tower
Minimum height to ride: 52 inches

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An Intamin Gyro Drop tower. Guests ride up the tower slowly, while spinning. Guests are forced to look down when the seats tilt out. A ride op typically sings a song to provide music(The itsy bitsy spider... or another song to set riders on edge) during the long pause at the top. Guests are then dropped, ending the short ride.


Love the Gyro drops. One of my favorite rides at any park. The stomach dropping sensation is sensational. Acrophobia is my second favorite drop ride to Drop Tower at Kings Island. Aside from it's extremely clever name, DT is taller with better views.
Very uncomfortable, but this is the scariest drop tower ever created, atleast until I ride Lex Luthor Soon. It feels like the seats have given loose and slide forward about to plummet down to the ground. I was quite nervous to ride and was so happy when it was over, but left raving about it. Best drop tower ive been on.
this is my first drop tower the teser was cruel makes the ridemuch better builds fear and makes me almost cry once to the tops still i am a youngin and will do anythig still can be scary at times.
Amazing. The only ride that still scares me in the world( that I've ridden). Soooo thrilling.
Terryfyingly fun.

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