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Batman The Ride

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

James Rao

Photo of Batman The Ride

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Published: November 28, 2009

A Bollinger & Mabillard inverted roller coaster.

Roger S
I've ridden Batman at five different Six Flags parks, and this is my favorite one. It has a little more intensity than the other versions.
Bradley Keith
Just another Batman, but it's mirrored to the others and painted blue! How exciting! So proud of Six Flags for these extreme changes! (sarcastic...)
It's a lot better than nothing and one of the better coasters at the park and worth a ride. But don't expect to be blown away. It's just... fun... not incredible or anything.
Joey Till
Same as others. This one seems a little rougher to me tho.
Joe G
This is quite simply one of the best rides ever made. It's not new, it's not the biggest or fastest, but it's just so much Damn fun. I really love this ride; I could ride it all day long.

One poster said they thought the Georgia one us smoother than the Jersey one. I've ridden both versions multiple times and they are essentially clones. I've ridden Batman as much as 10 times in one day and the intensity and roughness can vary ride to ride, even in the same seat. There's no difference between the versions in Georgia and Jersey (other than the local weather and paint). It's consistently smooth and fun in both states, even at it's 'roughest'; I would put my 80 year old grandmother on this ride without fear.

Aly-Tori Kent
It was my first rollercoaster EVER. i had my eyes closed practically the whole time. But it was awesome the second time.
David L.
Cool thematic elements but I'm not a fan of inverts. Rather intense. However, after recently riding this ride again at night, I found it so much more fun. At night, it's a 9/10.
Manny Rodriguez
i love this ride it has a great theme and if they could make it longer it would be really cool and make it themed to the new movie, note montu still on top baby.
Edward Morgan
Great coaster with major intensity. Smooth as ice and has great inversions. Zero G Roll is a little TOO intense. Batman theme ties the knot for a great ride. 9/10
Adrienne McDonald
As I've said for the other Batmans in the other parks, I luv this ride. Nonstop action all the way, it's not too tall or too scary, just fun all the way plus I think it's just the right length of coaster...not too long or too short.
Tyler Bell
fast, great but to short.Montu is better.

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