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La Vibora reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for La Vibora, a flat ride at Six Flags Over Texas. (The minimum height to ride is 42 inches.)

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Posted: March 4, 2011

La Vibora is an Intamin bobseld ride painted like a coral snake. The ride came from Six Flags Magic Mountain where it was named Sarajevo Bobsleds. The cars are similar to log flume cars and can seat up to six people.

La Vibora is a Flash Pass attraction.

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This was my first bobsled ride. This style is really strange because it is so different than anything else I have been on. It is a little bumpy, but it feels like the bumpyness is caused by the many layers of paint on the track that are now peeling. However, the outer color scheme fits the theme well. There isn't really any airtime and obviously no inversions, so the thrill mostly comes from the novelty of the bobsled style and the fear you might fly off the track. It is worth the long wait to expierence it once, but a reride certainly is not needed. (7/10) - Lexi R

I didn't think I'd like the bobsled ride but we rode it twice. It's really scary b/c if you don't sit in the right spot in the sled, you can slide which made it scary for me. I was pretty petrified during the ride that we'd fall out of the tube. - Adrienne McDonald

This is a very unique ride. Speed isn't really a big factor in the thrill here. It's more of the fear of flying out of the tube or turning over in the middle of the run. - Carl Stovall

La Vibora feels like a combination coaster/water slide, without the water. Either way, it is a pleasant and fun diversion for the entire family. - James Rao

Truly unique and possesses a feel you can't get from a track coaster. Interchanges are a little rough and the car's restraint can hurt your ankles when jolted. But it's originality and ride-feel are not be missed. - Rocklin Terrell

i remember when this ride opened up in six flags magic mountain in 1986 and is still rough and bumpy - Brian Whitman

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