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Runaway Mountain

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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A Premier Rides indoor roller coaster similar to a Hurricane or Windstorm coaster, but with a unique layout.

Runaway Mountain is a Flash Pass attraction.


This ride is always disappointing to me. There is so much potential and they got so close to greatness. The theming is good. I wish more SFOT areas/rides had this level of theming. The ride itself, however is a let down for me. The cave (or whatever it is) is not pitch black. You can see where you're going, which (for me) defeats the whole purpose. By Six Flags standards I give it about a 6 or 7 out of 10. By Disney standards, this would be like a 2 or something.
As mentioned the themeing for this ride and the elaborate queue are very much appriciated, yet some sort of story could have really added to the expierence and given a thrilling yet Disney-like feel. I am not a fan of just throwing a coaster into the dark. If you are going to put a ride inside, you have the ability to continue extensive theming rather than just ending it at the queue, however the park did not take that oppertunity. The ride itself has just enough thrill to make it interesting, although it certainly is not intense. Not sure if there is a loop in it like the other author mentioned, but I did not feel one. I am pretty sure it is an overbanked helix that is being mistaken as a loop. (7/10)
I think this ride is not given the credit it is due by current reviewers. It is not a kiddy coaster that just goes in spirals like the initial reviewer wrote. Kiddy coasters do not do loops, which this one does. Both my wife and I just rode this yesterday and there is definitely an upside down loop in the ride. You don't feel like you are loosing contact with your seat on a spiral, but you do when you go upside down and that can happen only on a vertical loop. Both my wife and I distinctly remember an upside down feeling in the ride. I would also agree that if there were some lighting effects or miner scenes while going up a ramp, for example, while preparing for a down hill dash, would improve this ride.
I like the theming but WAYYYYY too short of a ride to hafta wait that long to ride. It's a great ride once you get in there but it's just a kiddie coaster that just goes round & round in a spiral basically but it's inside in a dimly lit 'cave' which makes it more fun than it would be just outside w/nothing around it.

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