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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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The Texas Giant closed at the end of 2009 and was rebuilt for the 2011 season with a $10 million upgrade.

The roller coaster's original wooden tracks were replaced with steel tracks, which were fitted to the ride's original wooden support structure.

This first use of Rocky Mountain Construction's new I-Box track offers a 79-degree drop and 95-degree banked turn. The coaster is also 10 feet taller and runs faster than before.

The NEW Texas Giant was the recipient of Amusement Today's Golden Ticket for the Best New Amusement Park Ride of 2011, and is currently rated as the 6th best "steel" coaster on the planet (2011).


New Texas Giant is a truly exceptional coaster. It features an awesome first drop, spectacular overbanked turns and plentiful airtime. The three tunnels near the end of the course are a blast and afford even more airtime. The ride experience is about as good as I've had on any coaster.
Really, really good. A classic. Just a fun, fast roller coaster. The new version is better and smoother. Honestly though, the old version never bothered me much. It was rough, but that was part of its charm IMHO. It was a giant wooden roller coaster. I don't know how you would make that smooth short of retrofitting a new track system on it.
This ride is perfection! I love the look of the iron horse treatment with the new red steel tracks on top of the wood. The overbanked turns are awesome to expierence and really cool to look at as well. When we walked in the park and saw them we were shocked by how steep the slope looked. The accual trains with the horns on the hood and western horn on the lap bar were fun without being overdone. I liked that they had a "lost items count" in the queue for future riders to look at. The airtime on the first hill was good, the over banked hills were unique and enjoyable, the ride lasted a fair amount of time, and although I usually do not like tunnels.. The ones on TX Giant really added to the ride. (10/10)
I like the whole idea of wood and steel, but it's weird at the same time. The hybrid coaster is nothing new, of course. The new Texas Giant is a really good ride. The drop is great, but after the halfway mark it seemed not as good. Still, this thing got SFOT back on the map, if you know what I mean.
This coaster is great but the extreme intensity is only felt from the first drop to the 115 degree banked turn. the rest of the ride is just "fun"
I rode The Texas Giant in the mid 1990's and hated it. I was much scrawnier then and the ride really beat me up. I literally had bruises all over my body the next day. Yesterday I rode the upgraded Giant. I must say the designers made all the right changes. Its such a smooth ride and the seats are much much much more comfortable. It was a 110% improvement!
I normally don't give a perfect score, but this is such an awesome coaster. The drop is one of the best ever. The turns are prefect and fun and the tunnels rock!!!!

I could not get enough of this ride. It's worth a trip to Texas.

Had an experience on this coaster. We waited in line for 1 1/2 hrs then it broke down. We waited @ the front of the line & finally gave up. One group ended up waiting around 4 1/2 hrs. We rode Titan a few times than it opened back up. It is 1 of the best coasters I've ever rode & the best 1 @ SF Over Texas. Loved theit drop , overbanked turns, & tunnels. It's got 2 be the longest i've ever waited & the 1st time I've ever slept on the floor of the station. Intensity: 7.5
Well I put pathetic b/c I only rode it once when it was still a 'woodie' HORRIBLE. WAYYY too rough. It was SO rough that I literally thought my fillings were going to fall out of my teeth. I thought it was going to give me a nose bleed just from the sheer roughness of it. Finally they've done something about it & can't wait to ride it again w/the new track.
The New Texas Giant grows on you. This rebirth of a classic offers the steepest (as of this writing) drop on a wood-structured roller coaster as well as 90, 95 and 115-degree overbanked turns. The drop followed by the double-up hill is just the beginning of the amazing airtime. There is no trim at the block run so you just fly past the mid-point. While there is a slightly slow section just prior to the enclosed tunnels - the ride finishes with great speed as the magnetic brakes slow you quickly but not forcefully.

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