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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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A Giovanola Mega Coaster with a top speed of 85 mph, a 255-ft. first drop, and a 120-foot underground tunnel.

Currently rated as the 25th best steel coaster on the planet by Amusement Today (2011).

Titan is a Flash Pass attraction.


I like the orange of this ride, I feel like orange is under utalized when painting coasters but the trains lap bars and seats looked extreamly worn. The lift hill does offer great views, and there is a good amount of airtime on the drop. I did not like the tunnel at the end of the first hill, I accually thought it took away from the ride. I love coaster sensations of weightlessness and "danger" of a rough woodie, but headchoppers just turn me off. I do not want to feel like I might hit my head on something or feel like I have to pull my hands down. The tunnel has nothing to do with the non-existant theme anyway. Then into the hammerhead turn which was a nice way to get the coaster going the other way and generate suspense for the next drop in my opinion. But, the helix section is horrible. I found myself wanting the ride to be over. It felt like nothing but being shoved against the wall for a very long time. There was nothing thrilling about it because the trim breaks, so it was just boring and did make me feel like I might black out. They managed to put the two worst sensations on a roller coaster (bordom and black outs) together on one seemingly never ending element. There was no wait but I chose not to ride again. I give it a (7.5/10) because the airtime and views were so good.. But it is a shame they had to ruin it with a tunnel, helix, and trim breaks.
I liked this ride almost as much as millenium force. the first drop was very fun and intense and made me lift out of my seat some.
Was kind of hestiant to ride after reading reviews about blackouts, but me and my group of 8 rode this ride several times in two days and never expierenced any. This ride is great, front row is the best. You go so fast the force of the wind literally blows your face back and makes you eyes water. The only compliant I have is that the lap bars do not come all the way down. My 6 yr old son who meets the height requriement rode and there was like a 6 inch gap from his thighs and the lap the bar. His entire body would come all the way off the seat during the ride. He loved it, but scared the crap out of me especially since he wouldn't hold on to anything because he was to busy trying to keep his hands up. I couldn't really enjoy the ride when I rode with him becuase I was too busy making sure I held on to him.

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