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The Boss reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for The Boss, a roller coaster at Six Flags St. Louis. (The minimum height to ride is 48 inches.)

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Posted: September 20, 2011

When it opened in 2000 The Boss was considered one of the top wooden coasters in the country (the 2011 Amusement Today listing has The Boss at #42 among wooden coasters). Standing 122 ft. tall this coaster features a 150 ft. double down first drop and three more like it throughout the course. Hitting speeds of over 66 mph The Boss is one of the fastest wooden coasters in the world (currently the 4th fastest while Son of Beast is not operating), and at over 5050 feet, one of the longest as well (9th).

This formerly rough coaster received some much needed re-tracking love before the 2009 season.

The Boss is a Flashpass attraction.

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Readers' rating:

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The Boss is an okay ride, but it is WAY too rough. I am constantly seeing little kids hop on this and have the best time. To be honest, I do not know how they do it! The helix at the end is the roughest part. I had to go to first aid after riding this because I had thought I broke a rib. Give this ride a try, but brace your self because it is rough from when you pull out of the station, to when you hit the brakes. - Zach J

The Boss and its roughness can either make you never ride it again, or keep you coming back for more. The boss is pretty rough and crazy. But i like it due to its nice big drops, and intensity. You kinda half to embrace its rough side. I like it atleast! - Joey Till

The Boss could be a great coaster. The drops are terrific, the layout is excellent, and this is one of the longest wooden coasters I've been on. The only problem is that it is way too rough! The jarring and vibration were so bad that I could barely focus my eyesight. About halfway through the ride I was wishing I hadn't got on it. I'm not sure why the track was so rough because the other wooden coasters in the park were relatively smooth for a wooden coaster. Maybe it is due for some rehab when the season ends, but I know that I'll never get on it again unless I hear that the track has been realigned. - Tim Hillman

This is the coaster I rode the most at SFSL because it's one of my favorite wooden coasters and because the lines were always very short by mid-afternoon. (Several times, we got off and got right back on.) I did start to get "rattled brain syndrome" after my 11th ride, so I stopped. - Roger S

Probably the best wooden coaster I've ever been on! It has quite a long layout, and is pretty rough, but I think that adds to the fun! - Ben Pope

Even with the recent retracking love, the Boss is still a very rough and intense wooden coaster. However, it is also a very fun ride for those who don't mind the bumps and bruises. The helix at the end of the coaster is the best part of the ride as it actually gains intensity while it progresses around the turns. The night ride on the Boss is especially good and worth waiting for on a busy summer evening. I give the day time ride a 7 because of the pain-factor but at night this beast gets a 9. Overall, I rate The Boss an 8-Commendable. - James Rao

This an exciting ride but I think the speed and geforces are a little too much for a wooden coaster to endure. There are just too many moments where your head snaps up and down, left and right, in quick and violent motions. It seemed like the makers were trying to go for average/top speed records rather than ride comfort and enjoyability. The last section alone screams "MIGRAINE!" with its insane amount of speed going through the horizontal loops and features your head being pushed left and right due to the roughness of the wooden coaster. I love speed in my rides and I think Top Thrill Dragster as being one of my favorite rides even though it goes 120mph. The Boss is a wooden coaster and it should be more about airtime and than insane amounts of speed and forces on your head. Evel Knievel (also at St.Louis) is what a wooden coaster should feature and that is smoothness, quick turns, blinding hills, head-choppers, and plenty of airtime. - Jason Campbell

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