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Swarm reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Swarm, a roller coaster at Thorpe Park. (The minimum height to ride is 54 inches.)

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Posted: March 13, 2012

Europes tallest Winged Coaster has arrived at Thorpe Park.

The Swarm is a B&M Winged coaster which stands at a height of 127feet, reaches a maximum speed of 92kph and has 4 Inversions.

After you climb the lift hill you will straight away enter your first inversion of a unique inverted drop before flying underneath a destroyed plane. You will then climb up into a zero-g-roll before passing a flaming fire-truck and entering a huge over-banked turn. The ride then circles around a destroyed helicopter before it enters a corkscrew. Finally you will skim past the remains of an old church before entering the final inversion of a long in-line twist.

The Swarm is themed to a world which has been attacked by aliens and the area features some great pieces of theme-ing which include a burning fire-truck, destroyed helicopter, and full size commercial plane wing. The station is themed to a destroyed church with the control station as an upside down police van. As well as plenty of near miss experiences, the ride also features water-jets, flames, and even LED lights on the trains to replicate the aliens eyes and weapons.

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The ride itself is just a bit bland. The first drop is reasonably good, and for some reason reminded me of the belly churning inversion on Manta in Sea World before I rode it. But after riding it, it was nothing like it. The ride was a bit too slow, seemed a bit top heavy and just didnt thrill me too much. The saving grace was the theming which was brilliant. I honestly thought they'd get lazy and do another Saw: The Ride, but what they lack they gain in the other. Swarm is a poor ride bu great theming, Saw is a good ride but disappointing theming. Give it a 7 for the theming! - James McGee

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