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Take a ride with 999 happy haunts through the Gothic Revival mansion, the former home to a doomed sea captain and his bride. While Tokyo's Haunted Mansion looks the same on the outside as its Walt Disney World sibling, it shares a "Nightmare Before Christmas" holiday overlay each year with the original California Mansion.


It physically pains me to give such a low score to what is generally my favorite Disney ride. Unfortunately, the Mansion in Orlando has recently gotten some really terrific upgrades. The effects in the stretch room, the Escher like stairwell, the updated attic scene with the bride and portraits of her victims and the interactive hitch hiking ghosts all are missing in Tokyo. If it was still 1995 and I was riding this before seeing the new effects in Florida, this ride would get a great score. It's just impossible to turn back time. I loved the graveyard queue in Tokyo and I am a big fan of the entrance gate, it's just not as good in comparison.
Japanese's Haunted Mansion maybe a little more elaborated considering guests were loaded a little earlier than the one in Disneyland. So before the haunted doorway, there was a ghostly piano playing, and a corridor that contains a painting with a struggling ghost bursting out the frame. All is a great ride, and in my opinion a little scarier because the heads that pops behind the tombstones comes out with a screeching noise that makes it tad more startling. There are some other minor details that were different, for example the trees before the graveyard scene turns and follows the guests rather than just standing still, and the ghostly choir were more visible towards the end of the ride. Other than that, an almost identical sister version of the original Haunted Mansion on the inside.

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