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Take a ride with 999 happy haunts through the Gothic Revival mansion, the former home to a doomed sea captain and his bride. While Tokyo's Haunted Mansion looks the same on the outside as its Walt Disney World sibling, it shares a "Nightmare Before Christmas" holiday overlay each year with the original California Mansion.


I did miss the new additions that Magic Kingdom had. There were a few additions here and there that were better than WDW and DL, but it is mostly outdated. I will say that I do prefer the screaming version with that hypnotic heartbeat here. The bride is fine, but there is something actually unsettling to this room. It feels much more sinister than other versions, but I like that. This is the HAUNTED Mansion after all. Also, the graveyard scene is by far the best of all versions as it has amazing animatronics. I enjoyed it, and it remains a great ride. 9.5/10
One of the best Disney theme park attractions ever is alive (or not...) and well at Tokyo Disneyland. Magic Kingdom's Escher-style staircase and blinking wallpaper are absent, but I did love seeing Madame Leota stationary on her table, the bride with her beating heart, and the classic moment of the hitchhikers riding in the Doom Buggies. The attraction still works without those additional changes being integrated, and I really enjoy that it keeps the different versions of the attraction different. The "lights out" moment in the stretching room and the load area weren't as dark as I'm used to in the U.S., which did lessen some of the eerieness of those moments. However, the perfect condition of the audio and the ride itself more than compensated for those relatively minor quibbles. Not to be missed.
It's a lot like WDW's without the upgrades.
It physically pains me to give such a low score to what is generally my favorite Disney ride. Unfortunately, the Mansion in Orlando has recently gotten some really terrific upgrades. The effects in the stretch room, the Escher like stairwell, the updated attic scene with the bride and portraits of her victims and the interactive hitch hiking ghosts all are missing in Tokyo. If it was still 1995 and I was riding this before seeing the new effects in Florida, this ride would get a great score. It's just impossible to turn back time. I loved the graveyard queue in Tokyo and I am a big fan of the entrance gate, it's just not as good in comparison.

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