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Climb aboard a tramp steamer for a ride through the jungles of Adventureland, while your skipper points out the sights. Like the Anaheim original, your skipper's jokes are as much the attraction as the animatronic animals populating the river and its banks. (Do note that the narration will be in Japanese.)


This is easily the best Jungle Cruise. In fact, it is the only one I've ever done where I wanted to ride it again immediately after getting off. Our skippers were both energetic, funny, and very vibrant. The animatronics were all fantastic (unlike the very dusty plastic figures in WDW). The temple scene effects were a wonderful surprise as well. The day and night versions being different is even better. I loved having another reason to get on. I also loved that they had added music to the ride. It really helps with each scene to feel its desired effect, whether it be funny or scary. Just fantastic. 9/10
Despite not speaking Japanese to be able to understand the narration, the skipper's enthusiasm had me laughing and thoroughly enjoying my ride aboard the world-famous Jungle Cruise. On the whole, I really enjoyed the use of music throughout the attraction, though hearing "Circle of Life" in the lion/zebra scene was a little strange. The temple scene was really impressive.
The Jungle Cruise is "New" with music and special lighting. There is also a very impressive use of projections in the temple scene. The skipper was getting big laughs from the rest of the crew, but her jokes went right over my head as I speak no Japanese. The most impressive thing about this and every other water ride I rode at TDL was how remarkably clean it was. The water smelled clean. There was NO mold or algae build up on any animals, props or riverbed. The boats looked brand new and audio sounded great. Best Jungle Cruise I've taken. Also, take note of the mechanically operated ropes that secure the boat to the load and unload docks.

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