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Monsters Inc. Ride and Go Seek

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An interactive dark ride that utilizes similar technology to Toy Story Midway Mania. Riders enter the Monsters Inc Factory and board special security transports with flashlights so that they can play a city wide game of flashlight tag. Sully has invited Boo back to Monstropolis, which is the reason the game is underway. Everything that is seen is animatronics and no 3-D effects are used. Riders can shine their flashlights anywhere and something will react in a fun way. But be warned, rumours have spread that Randall is back in town.


This is a truly wonderful ride. The animatronics are just incredible. I shined a light on Mike's eye, and his pupil dilated. That is one of the most insane little details I've ever seen on a ride. The entire ride has great details like that. The flashlight effect is good fun and keeps you invested in the setpieces. I do wish that the Randall plot had a bit more setup and pay off. He just keeps appearing but is thwarted very easily. Still, this is a minor flaw. Overall, the ride is just amazing. 9.5/10
A really delightful dark ride with wonderful Audio-Animatronics and many fun gags and visuals. The flashlight tag element adds elements to ensure every ride aboard the attraction would be a little different. My husband was a little disappointed that there was no score keeping like similar Toy Story-themed rides. The scene on the city streets of Monstropolis felt like an adorable version of the Men in Black ride at Universal Orlando. I don't mean the term "adorable" to be condescending or dismissive: the ride has a genuine, earned cuteness/sweetness to it, and the clever flashlight tag element and rich environments further enhance the experience.
An engaging creative ride! Lots of fun!
I thought this was delightful. Absolutely aimed at kids, but I enjoyed it too.
It reminded me a lot of Men In Black Alien Attack at Universal Studios Florida because all of the things you are shooting at are real physical props. I am not a fan of Midway mania because everything is video.
The quality of animated figures is also head and shoulders above the sad non moving characters at Disney California Adventure.
About a quarter of the way through the ride I stopped trying to shine my flashlight on the mosters because there was SO much wacky action happening that I was missing by trying to hit them with my light. There were enough other people playing the game to keep the action hopping.
One strange issue with operation. The lobby of Monsters Inc looked amazing...really felt like I was there. There was a lot of queue in this room, but they were only using one row. We waited in line for about 45 minutes, with all but about 10 of those minutes outside in the heat. I know they try to keep stand-by queue away from FastPass so people don't leap the rails, but it would have been easy to keep separation even in the lobby. Anybody have any ideas?

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