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Tokyo Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean is similar to the Disneyland original, with a few minor changes. First, the queue is inside Laffite's Manor, and there's only one drop into the grotto after the Blue Bayou. But the big difference is the ending. Rather than riding the lift back up to the load area, as in Anaheim, you exit after the final treasure scene, as in Orlando.


This ride is quite inferior to the Disneyland version but quite superior to the WDW version. It is a nice middle spot. The bayou scene, restaurant and drop are all very much like DL, but the caves themselves are less detailed. They feel like the largest addition here since they overall have a very different look and feel. I did really enjoy them. The rest of the ride plays out a lot like both versions which is to say it is fantastic. I did especially like the ending with the pirates shooting at each other. However, I have a big problem with every single Pirates ride now. Jack Sparrow. Stop talking about him. He is now the entire plot of the ride, and it gets on my nerves. It completely ruins the story and purpose of all the original rides. "Dead Men Tell No Tales" "Oh but they do tell tales, so says I Davy Jones." That ruins the entire point of the ride in one sentence. Still, I really love this ride. 9.5/10
Ranking the Pirate rides, I'd put this after the versions in California and Paris.
The "slow build" of this attraction, similar to Disneyland's, is a gem, with the quiet Blue Bayou scene and mysterious caverns preceding the "main action." It features some elements of versions I miss in the domestic versions of the attraction: the talking skull no longer found at Magic Kingdom and pirates chasing women through the village as before the attraction was made more politically correct in the States. Show quality and maintenance are impeccable. I miss the lift at the end if I am making direct comparisons, but this is truly an enjoyable iteration of a classic in its own right.
It blends the best of Disneyland and Magic Kingdom. It starts with the Blue Bayou and takes a single drop into the caves. The caves are a bit different, and slightly more "cozy" than Disneyland, but still give the same feeling. Show scene quality is outstanding with audio and fire effects that really stood out. The way it's most like Magic Kingdom is the boats have a separate unload dock and guests take a speed ramp back up to street level. I prefer this over the long uncomfortable ride up the lift at the end of Disneyland's version.

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