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Flume Ride
Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

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Splash Mountain is always amazing! LOVE IT!
The best version of a great attraction. Dialogue and some songs are in Japanese, but "Ev'rybody Has a Laughing Place" was in English, which came as a fun surprise. Each scene was completely immersive, and the level of cleanliness and maintenance was astounding.
I've ridden the Splash Mountains in California and Florida and except for one small thing, this is the best Splash Mountain. That small thing is the boats. It wasn't just here, but on many TDLR rides we discovered the ride vehicles were not build for the larger sized American tourist. Because of the side by side seating arrangement, the divider between seats AND the crotch bump (intended to prevent a person from sliding down under the lap bar to get out) it was a very uncomfortable ride.
The ride however was fantastic. The best thing about it was the pacing of the flume. In Disneyland the boats float SO quickly past show scenes you lose the story. Here the pace is much slower. Additionally, like all the other water rides at TDLR, the water looked and smelled remarkably clean and fresh. It was also obvious that the ride had been designed to keep riders relatively dry. There was misters blowing water on the passing boats at the bottom of the big drop, that got our faces wet, our clothing stayed dry.
I also noticed that the unload staff was drying seats of each boat before dispatching it to load.

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