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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

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Tokyo DisneySea's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is not a clone of the submarine ride that ran for many years at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. You'll find a duplicate of one of the old Nautilus ride vehicles moored in the lagoon at the center of Mysterious Island, but the ride itself is a dry dark ride that simulates an underwater adventure in a deep sea diving bell.

On board, you're sitting on one of three two-person benches inside the submersible, each with its own window. Using your joystick, you can control the lights that illuminate some of the mysteries awaiting your discovery in the deep. You're searching for the lost continent of Atlantis, and along the way, you will encounter a ship's graveyard in "Kraken Reef" and a surprise encounter in "Lucifer's Trench."


Wow, what a ride. It is just amazing that it feels so much like it is underwater. The whole experience is just so well done and cool. It is especially cool with the lighting and animatronics. I just love this ride. 9.5/10
I don't want to punish this ride for being boring, because it would be good for kids, but it was incredibly boring for an adult. It's a slow ride through simulated undersea wonders. A lot of black light effects. Maybe you will like it. But I didn't. Ride it if there is no wait. Or a 10 minute wait, because there was some cool stuff in the queue to look at.
Blows away Disneyland and Disneyworlds underwater nemo rides.

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