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Disney's nighttime spectacular debuted in 2011 as part of the park's 10th anniversary celebration.


While this still doesn't reach the amazing heights of DL's Fantasmic, this is a fantastic show. The effects, numbers, and overall production are something to see. I watched it from the Harbor View room we had, and I think that experience elevated it extremely. I just loved it. That animatronic coming through the mirror was especially amazing. It is no DL Fantasmic, but it is a great night show for Disneysea. 9/10
Honestly, this felt like it was missing something. The show just didn't impress me (except the dragon). At the end of the show, however, an announcement said that the show lacked certain elements. I don't know what was missing, though, perhaps some fireworks effects? I would rate this a 7/10, but since I didn't see the complete version of the show, I'm giving it an 8/10.
The best Fantasmic out there! We had the privileged of watching from a Harbor View rooms at the Miracosta, which was an absolutely amazing experience.
This is what I was most excited for coming to DisneySea. Both Fantasmic's in the US are great shows and I expected even more of a spectacle in Tokyo. On youtube it looks amazing. In real life, it's interesting. Some of the effects are really well done, but overall it felt scattered as a show and almost lacking something. I was left hoping that we had a "modified version of the show" because it looked like it might rain..but I don't think so. The centerpiece hat looked like a sports arena jumbotron with noticeable pixels (which i was somewhat okay with) but the pyro swirling around it was amazing. Though sometimes there would be a big musical hit and just one quiet little firework from the top of the hat, which looked funny to me. The circular lagoon reminded me of Epcot in a good way, but the barges with the characters seemed small and almost awkward. The dragon here is pretty epic and a really cool visual coming through the mirror. So lots of pros and cons. Overall, I can't describe why I was almost unhappy with the show, but I just felt like the versions stateside are more explosive and have a bigger "wow" factor. Still worth seeing, of course. Mickey's LED suit is pretty great.

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