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Explore the citadel and the sailing ship Renaissance, home of the "Society of Explorers and Adventurers" (check out the acronym).

Inside and around the citadel, you'll find:
- Pendulum Tower
- Illusion Room
- Explorers' Hall
- Navigation Centre
- Camera Obscura
- Sundial Deck
- Chamber of Planets
- Flying Machine
- Alchemy Laboratory
- Cannons

The citadel is also home to Magellan's Restaurant.


This is fun for all ages. It's almost like a center piece castle to the park, except you can explore nearly every turret and room (unlike all the castles at the magic kingdom style parks). Most of the exhibits are engaging and exciting to look at. A few, however, like the alchemy exhibit, aren't as exciting. This also provides great views of the park. And the children's play areas are great for little ones.
No trip to TDS is complete without Fortress Explorations! Highly engaging and interactive!

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