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Journey to the Center of the Earth

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 10 out of 10

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Minimum height to ride: 46 inches

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Journey to the Center of the Earth is a masterpiece of stagecraft, using light, sound, heat, and motion to create a multi-sensory experience. If in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea you explored the depths of the sea, in this attraction you will explore the depths of the Earth. Traveling through caverns within Mount Prometheus, walking past oozing lava in the queue, you come to Captain Nemo's underground laboratories, where you can see the sketches of the wonders that await you even deeper inside the Earth.

You'll then board a "Terravator" to descend to the expedition's base station, where you will board an eight-passenger mining vehicle to travel through the tunnels bored by previous explorers. You'll descend into crystal caverns and encounter a giant mushroom forests filled with bizarre creatures before an earthquake knocks you off course. A lightning storm nearly finishes you before you emerge into the heart of the volcano, where a giant lava monster awaits.

The encounter of with the monster provides the highlight of the ride, a combination punch of effects that culminates with the volcano's eruption launching you out of the mountain for a high-speed ride around the caldera of the ancient volcano.


Yes, it's amazing. I think the terravator (That ironically goes up) could be slightly improved and I wish the ride had at least an extra 30 seconds of ride time. An extra minute would be amazing. For example, in the queue, a map (most easily visible from the fastpass queue) shows additional show scenes that are supposed to be on the tour under the earth. One of these is a waterfall scene that could have been a scene on the ride. I'd also love for the fast ride portion to be extended in length. Buuuut it's still an amazing ride.
This ride was great, and the monster was actually really scary. If I was a kid, I probably would have cried. I would say that it closely resembles the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom. If your kid can handle that, they can probably handle this. It was great. Don't skip this one. Skip 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
This ride is so amazing, DON'T miss it.
In the states, this ride would never have gotten the financial support to be built as an E-Ticket The only attractions that get built here need to have a major IP backing them up. I know - Journey to the Center of the Earth is based on Jules Vern's book "Voyage au centre de la Terre" published way back in 1864. The story has been enjoyed around the world, made in to many movies and inspired other tales. But it's not exactly a Harry Potter or a Hunger Games at this point is it?
The ride is just amazing. From the moment you walk into Mysterious Island you are plunged into the world of Jules Vern. In this situation, I think this experience over shadows The Wizzarding Worlds of Harry Potter and Cars Land. In both of those examples, we are intruders. There is no reason we shouldn't be on Mysterious Island. It's much easier to breath it in. Plus, the high speed portion up and out of the volcano really feels out of control. It's quite literally a blast!
One of the coolest Disney rides I've ever been on!
This ride is deeply detailed and quiet amazing but a little too short for my taste....there needed to be a bit more to it length wise, otherwise pretty amazing though.
Ah, Journey to the Center of the Earth. The only ride rated as high as Forbidden Journey (as of the time I write this review). So how does it hold up? Pretty well actually. This is a ride done right in a lot of sense. Get your fastpasses out and ready because we're going in. The ride starts with a fun "preshow" elevator ride down to the center of the earth. Very well themed, was scared the elevator cable would snap as per the written warnings (too bad it didn't..was hoping for a little preshow action there) but a smooth ride down was nice too. Then you wait in a well themed area with smoke effects and props until you board your car. The ride system here is more similar to Test Track or RSR, though it's not a car it's a little excavator thing, seated in 3 rows of 2. I did not feel the car move like Indy or Dinosaur so I think they are stationary on their slot car tracks. When the CM motioned for me to hold on to my hat he wasn't lying! The ride starts and you venture through some scenes with really cool animatronics and color schemes. The climax is this HUGE beast who you narrowly escape from by speeding up and exploding out of the volcano. My hat almost did come off. Then you do some "high speed loops" as they'd say in the old version of test track (just some large circles, not upside down loops) and the ride is over. It's amazingly themed, and thrilling. My ONLY complaint is that it is a little short. But it left me wanting more. Well done.

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