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Tower Of Terror reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Tower Of Terror, a drop ride at Tokyo DisneySea. (The minimum height to ride is 40 inches.)

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Posted: September 25, 2006

As one of the tallest building in the entire resort, Tower of Terror brings new concept to the American Waterfront, which before this ride opened was empty and no major ride at all.

From the full-video I've seen, the queue line is so detailed. Much better than any other Tower of Terror. Especially the pre-show! There's no tv here, only some-kind-of-gramophone and the Shiriki Utundo. Then there's a window, which is actually kind of screen, tells the story what happened that night. Suddenly, the thunder roars again and the Shiriki Utundo laugh and disappear.

After that you take a walk to the "treasure" room of Hightower. You can see so many artefacts here, which isn't presented anywhere else, except here. Then you go to the elevator boarding room. The elevator here has capacity of 22 persons.

Once the elevator closes its door, the elevator moves backward and you can see the green eyes flashing in front of you. Then it goes up and stopped. Not like US version where the 5 ghosts appear, this time only Shiriki Utundo and Mr. Hightower in this room. The statue "cursing him" to the fifth dimension. Door closed and it goes up. Now, this one is similar to the DCA version. A mirror, which "send" you to the dimension. But there's another plus! Once your images disappear, the Shiriki Utundo appears and this time it curses you.

The elevator goes way to the top, where the door opened and you can see the view of Disney Resort. Then you fall about 2 floors and then way down. Once again it goes up to the close-to-the-top and then drops you down. The elevator stops and then goes forward to the exit door.

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The pre-show for this version of Tower of Terror makes it worth riding more than once! - Robert Parker

The Shiriki Utundo statue also drops downwards. At the end of the pre-show, Shiriki Utundo disappears, much to the horror of the guests. Before disappearing, the statue is observed to be standing on a solid base of its stand. The stand is on top of a pedestal. After disappearing, the empty stand did not have any solid flat base. Shiriki Utundo's disappearing act is achieved by dropping downwards into the pedestal, which acts as a collecting bin. The whole action is obscured by the accompanying dazzling lighting effects. - EDMUND CHUE

As there's not many reviews for the international parks, I feel it's my duty to review the rides for those who might be traveling and want to know what to expect comparatively to the US versions. The custom theming the imagineers have done for the Oriental Land Company owned park is outstanding. This ride is even more beautiful and detailed here than in the US. The storyline and characters created are intriguing and fun. The library preshow is remarkable, and the effect with the idol at the end of it is so impressive I am left thinking it was truly magic. The ride itself is very similar to the California version, though I was hoping for the Florida version since from the outside, the tower looks quite large like it could have the extra ride systems needed for that.. (Turns out the extra space is used for a much larger queue between preshow and actual ride.) The ride course varies slightly from the california version as after the two floors with show sequences occur, the elevator continues to travel up to the top of the tower for the picture and the drop sequence, which has two full drops. All in all the ride felt more tame than its US brethen, with less elevator shaking and smoother drops..but this didn't stop the riders in the car from screaming their heads off. The view of the absolutely gorgeous DisneySea park from the top is nothing less than stellar, and the ride is still at the top of my list of things to do in this park and in the world. - Michael Weissman

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