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A large, prehistoric-themed play area where visitors can climb towers, scamper across rope bridges, and explore caves and an amber mine. There's a water cannon area where you can give and get a good soaking, too.


Lots to do here!
A really beautiful looking play area. Universal did a Great work in the theming here.
A perfect example of theme park immersion. Camp Jurassic is a gorgeous hidden amber gem in a park full of high technological thrills. I too fell victim to the assumption this was a kiddie playground and normally skipped it until my friend and I one day happened to stumble in and had a blast. The caves are dark, the lava pit chamber is exceptionally designed, the hidden dinosaur prints that make sound are hilarious when trigged on the unexpected. Just let yourself get lost for a little bit in this tiny corner of the park and enjoy.
Camp Jurassic is probably the best playground in a theme park. When I was younger, I would play in this playground for a long time. If you have kids, make sure you take them here. 10/10.
Very fun and detailed place to explore. One of the caves seriously scared me!
best playground in any theme park I ever been!
recommend even for adults.
For my money, this and Adventure Isle at DLP are the best "Tom Sawyer Island" type attractions in the world. There's so much hidden detail and fun in this area that I always take the time to explore.
This was tremendous fun. We enjoyed it even more than Tom Sawyer Island, which we really like. We saved a few areas to explore anew for our next Universal vacation.
I was here for hours. It is the best play area at the park. The place is huge; there are dark caves, nets, slides, and even a water play area where you can have fights with people. There are also dinosaur noises that are heard which might frighten young children. There is so much to explore here that you probably won't see it all in one day. You don't have to come here, but kids will love it, and it gives adults a break from walking.
Lots of things to explore, and the feeling you're getting lost. Ideal for busy days.
Only complaint:
IOA has the most technically advanced rides on earth, so you'd think they could arrange things so that if 2 water cannon were fired at the same time, they'd reach the target. They can't. One gun firing from the top is fine, but as soon as somebody else presses the trigger, neither gun can reach the guys at the bottom.
I couldn't find my way out! 7/10

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