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Doctor Doom's Fearfall

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

Drop Tower
Minimum height to ride: 52 inches

Photo of Doctor Doom's Fearfall

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A rather standard up-and-down launch-and-drop ride. There’s not much story or theming here, but the views of the park are superb — assuming you are brave enough to keep your eyes open at the top of the 199-foot tower, from where you will drop 150 feet.


Just a standard S&S shot tower. There are much better ones, like the combo towers at Dorney.
I can't begin to tell you how much I ove this ride. It's a drop tower, but with a twist. Its drop is slow, calm, but that's because it's not the point of the ride, what really matters is the way UP. Instead of slowly going up to then quickly drop, it launches you up like if you were gonna fly. And it's not as scary as it's refreshing and delicious. It's very short, but it's usually not very crowded, so you can easily ride it multiple times. I definitely recommend it.
FAR LESS intense than it looks. It's actually short, boring, and unthrilling.
A drop tower nothing really special. They really should have gone a lot higher then that. Regional parks everywhere not have them but are way taller. Not very "adventurous".
Mediocre ride. If you have the luck to be placed in a spot where you can see the park it's A LOT better... My problem with this ride is that the first 5 seconds are thrilling but the rest is jut MEH. The lack of theme can be a minor problem if the ride is great...this is not the case. 5/10.
A great first launch and great views of the park don't completely make up for the brevity. Great if the line is not long. 8/10

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