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Doctor Doom's Fearfall

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

Drop ride
Minimum height to ride: 52 inches

Robert Niles

Photo of Doctor Doom's Fearfall

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Published: March 29, 2014

A rather standard up-and-down launch-and-drop ride. There's not much story or theming here, but the views of the park are superb -- assuming you are brave enough to keep your eyes open at the top of the 199-foot tower, where you will drop 150 feet.

Jonathan Katz
A great first launch and great views of the park don't completely make up for the brevity. Great if the line is not long. 8/10
luca ferracuti
Its good but if there is a long line is not worth it 7/10
Kelly Clemens
Great ride with some of the best views of the park. . .if you can stop screaming and pay attention.
Quentin Scruggs
WOAHHH THIS RIDE IS SHORT! It's thrilling, but short. Not worth waiting more than 25 minutes for. 7/10.
Owen  Scott
I like it but I think there should be more to it 8/10
Ringmaster A
The queue theming is pretty great despite the cartoony-ness. But the ride itself is lackluster and short, vertically and time wise. Even tower rides at some Six Flags parks seem to have a better launch.
Michelle Morgan
if only this ride was longer!!! I love the anticipation of not knowing when it's going to launch, but I do wish it did a few more free falls!
Jaiden Cohen
Line is great (express pass or stand by) and first launch is AWESOME! View is great and drop is nice and slow. Must ride! 7.5/10
Bryce McGibeny
I usually always skip this one but it offers a fun first launch and a great queue! The rest is blah. However, like I said, the theming and set up for the attraction is really great. I love the whole "Doom Alley" side street that it is located on. It's very daunting and creepy.
Joshua Bixler
While it is not a bad ride, it is definitely disappointing. The queue, while a little substandard, gets you pumped up and a little terrified about the ride. The first launch off is INTENSE, but then the ride chickens out on itself and transforms into a very slow, gentle drop zone. The ride is worth doing for the intitial launch and the beautiful view you get of the park. If it is a really crowded day, skip it and come back later if there is time. This is not a must-do attraction. 7 out of 10.

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