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Doctor Doom's Fearfall

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 6 out of 10

Drop Tower
Minimum height to ride: 52 inches

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A rather standard up-and-down launch-and-drop ride. There’s not much story or theming here, but the views of the park are superb — assuming you are brave enough to keep your eyes open at the top of the 199-foot tower, from where you will drop 150 feet.


FAR LESS intense than it looks. It's actually short, boring, and unthrilling.
A drop tower nothing really special. They really should have gone a lot higher then that. Regional parks everywhere not have them but are way taller. Not very "adventurous".
Mediocre ride. If you have the luck to be placed in a spot where you can see the park it's A LOT better... My problem with this ride is that the first 5 seconds are thrilling but the rest is jut MEH. The lack of theme can be a minor problem if the ride is great...this is not the case. 5/10.
A great first launch and great views of the park don't completely make up for the brevity. Great if the line is not long. 8/10
Great ride with some of the best views of the park. . .if you can stop screaming and pay attention.
WOAHHH THIS RIDE IS SHORT! It's thrilling, but short. Not worth waiting more than 25 minutes for. 7/10.
I like it but I think there should be more to it 8/10
The queue theming is pretty great despite the cartoony-ness. But the ride itself is lackluster and short, vertically and time wise. Even tower rides at some Six Flags parks seem to have a better launch.
if only this ride was longer!!! I love the anticipation of not knowing when it's going to launch, but I do wish it did a few more free falls!
I usually always skip this one but it offers a fun first launch and a great queue! The rest is blah. However, like I said, the theming and set up for the attraction is really great. I love the whole "Doom Alley" side street that it is located on. It's very daunting and creepy.

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