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Dragon Challenge

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Roller Coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

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Islands of Adventure's Dueling Dragons roller coaster was rethemed to the Tri-Wizard Tournament's "Dragon Challenge" for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter when the land opened in 2010. Like on Dueling Dragons, there are two interlocking coasters, renamed the Chinese Fireball and the Hungarian Horntail. The two Bolliger & Mabillard inverted coasters no longer "duel," riding next to one another at points on the track, due to several incidents in the past where passengers lost personal items, such as glasses and cell phones, that flew toward passengers on the other track at the moment as it was passing.


Fun coaster! I prefer the red track.
Its a bit too rough for me though its queue is pretty cool with the cup and the caverns. 7/10
Good inverted roller coaster with a beautifully themed queue. While not as good as it once was when the two coaster "raced" each other, Dragon Challenge is still an exciting coaster. Harry Potter fans may even want to take a walk through the queue in order to see the amazing theming (goblet of fire, triwizard cup, Arthur Weasley's flying car) even if they don't want to ride the actual roller coaster. 7/10
Great roller coaster, could use some queue changes (less mazelike, easier access for re-riders).
When it was a dueling roller coaster, it was a 10/10. Now due to a few dumb actions by a few people it will never duel again but it is still a really good roller coaster. The red coaster is faster and seems to have better airtime while the blue coaster is a bit slower and has more intense inversions. Both are worth riding. Since Dueling Dragons became Dragon Challenge with the opening of the new Harry Potter land, the line for Dragon Challenge rarely is long unless one coaster is operating. 8/10
My first coaster and one of my favorites. I do miss both trains going at once, but that only detracts slightly from the experience. If the line is short enough, this is definitely an over and over again ride. 9/10
Even though they no longer duel because of dumb guests, these are still two awesome coasters. They're both more intense than the Hulk and are not to be missed.
I liked it a little rough but they should always have the trains going together 8/10
One of the wildest rides in Orlando. This coaster packs plenty of inversions on its track and the somewhat dueling nature of the coaster adds a different dimension to it as well. This ride is intense but if you try this, chances are you'll get back in line and ride the other coaster. The queueing area is really long, although waits are rarely more than 20 minutes. The Triwizard theme is moderately represented on this ride and offers plenty of references from the fourth book/movie of the series. It's a cool ride.
Ever since they took the whole premise of the duel out of the ride, it has lost some it's appeal for me. Individually, both are really good coasters, but the uniqueness is gone. Of the 2 sides, I prefer the Red Dragon... it's a smoother ride.

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