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High In The Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 6 out of 10

Track Ride
Minimum height to ride: 34 inches

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The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train ride debuted on the tracks above Seuss Landing in 2006. But the tracks had been there since the park's opening, originally designed for a ride called "Sylvester McMonkey McBean's Highly Unusual Driving Machines." But problems with the unique ride system prevented that attraction from opening, leading to a rebuild that yielded the Trolley Train Ride. The ride features two tracks, featuring different scenes from Dr. Seuss books, as the trolleys drive above the rooftops of the land, offering grand views of the park beyond.


I love these rides. Both are different and they give a beautiful view over this part of the park. It sure is one of the most beautiful islands IOA has to offer. I feel sorry for people who only visit the park to rush to Harry Potter and miss out on all the other highly themed parts of this resort. The sudden speedup at one point was a pleasant surprise.
It may have good views, but the attraction has bad ride capacity issues and slow loading, which can make the queue frustrating. 5/10
A decent train ride around the top of Seuss Landing. Slow and somewhat boring, this ride was really meant for kids. Nevertheless, it does provide some great views of IOA. Not really worth your time unless the line is 15 minutes or less. 4/10
Good views. That's about it. 5/10
We find ourselves enjoying this ride a lot more then we thought we would, + great view from the area.
A decent "Peoplemover" type of attraction. Would be better with one track that went around the whole land, though.
This ride is really nothing special. It is really meant to be for kids only. On this ride, you do get a good view of the Dr. Seuss themed area of the park, and the narration on the ride can be enjoyable. But this is definitely not a must-ride ride.

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