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Visitors with Park-to-Park passes may ride the Hogwarts Express from Hogsmeade over to King’s Cross station in Universal Studios Florida. Riding in this direction, you’ll encounter the Weasley twins, the Knight Bus, and other surprises outside the window of your compartment on the train, which is a faithful recreation of the train from the Harry Potter films.


A very enjoyable experience. The whole experience is just so well done, and it is the perfect way to travel between the parks. A must ride in my opinion. 8/10
Beautiful themed country station with forested queue. It's a nice companion to the London city station (King's Cross). Charming and gives you an opportunity to continue the HP theme uninterrupted, from Diagon/London to Hogsmeade.
There is no better form of transportation at UOR than the Hogwarts Express!
Great ride. Just wish they didn't charge for park hopping!
Not as great as coming from Kings Cross but still wonderfully fun! ;)
I really like this "side" with the pine trees and snow... I think it is really magical...
Rode it several times and liked it very much, maybe the window story could be more exciting.
While the queue isn't nearly as interesting as its counterpart in King's Cross, it's still a great way to get back to the other park with an enjoyable ride. 9/10

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