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Jurassic Park River Adventure reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Jurassic Park River Adventure, a flume ride in Jurassic Park at Universal's Islands of Adventure. (The minimum height to ride is 42 inches.)

Photo of Jurassic Park River Adventure

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Theme Park Insider Editor
Posted: March 29, 2014

What possibly could go wrong on a peaceful boat tour through Jurassic Park's collection of gentle, plant-eating dinosaurs? You'll float outdoors through an impressive collection of Universal's animatronic dinosaurs before... well, as Jeff Goldblum's Dr. Ian Malcolm said in the movie, "Oooh, ahhh... that's how it always starts. Then later there's running and screaming." Sure enough, the velociraptors escape, the meat-eaters are running loose, and, oh, is that a T-Rex trying to eat you? Hang on, because it's all downhill from there.

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The first half of the ride is okay, with average animatronics and the theming is a bit jarred as one can see the boat in front of them most of the time. HOWever,once we enter the raptor containment area, the ride shifts into perfection. The suspense and tension are heightened, and the animatronics look better as it is dark in the building. You do get wet, and this ride is not to be missed. 9/10. - Quentin Scruggs

Good water ride ! 8/10 - Owen Scott

Only slightly more entertaining than the run in the mill splash boat drop, the animatronics look weak and outdated. The plot is thin, with almost no connections to the books or movies aside from dinosaurs. It's the stepchild ride of the park, never seeming to get any love or updates. - Ringmaster A

Its a nice ride that I always do when I go to IOA. The AAs need to be replaced but the ride is close to the movie and book. Must ride if you want to cool down or get soaked. 8/10 - Jaiden Cohen

There is a change when you visit the park and you don't know this ride that you haven't seen the splash in the end. That happened to me and my family because we did the park counter clockwise. Imagine our surprise. Even 2 of 3 are afraid of heights we had no problem with this ride because you'll never get the height of this ride because you are enclosed and the fall happens in the dark. It's beautiful and fun and exiting ride. Don't miss it! - O T

We rode it this year with all the features fixed & working. Now I have a new found appreciation for the attraction. Universal does a good job of immersing you in the Jurassic world. Moved it up to outstanding status. - Rob Pastor

Jurassic Park River Adventure is one of the better attractions at Islands of Adventure. It's not a thrill ride, but it does offer a thrilling conclusion. Most of the dinosaur animatronics still look good after all these years (especially the T-Rex), but some do look very dated. This attraction is a boat ride that is very pleasant and relaxing in the early minutes of the ride. While it never gets uncomfortable, the relaxing part is lost (which is a good thing) as it shifts into the "thrill" portion of the ride. You will get wet, but most likely not very much. Before the Wizarding World of Harry Potter came along, I felt this and The Lost Continent were the attractions that definitely epitomized what the Islands of Adventure theme park is meant to be. 8 out of 10. - Joshua Bixler

The actual river component of the ride is pretty lame because it relies too heavily on kind of bad animatronics. Once the boat gets inside the building it gets better because the lighting makes the dinosaurs look better. That final drop is great, it makes up for the lesser river part. - Jeff Moon

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