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A short live show where a wand chooses a young wizard from among the 20 or so people admitted to the shop at a time. Due to the low capacity of the show, this attraction often has the longest wait in the park. Arrive first thing in the morning or face a long wait. (Or experience the same show over at Ollivander’s in Diagon Alley.)


why try , universal. it is nothing like the movie/book and you kind of ruined it by making it an official attraction. it should of just been a preshow to another attraction
Long waits to watch a random kid wave a stick. The effects are on the weaker side. Just an odd experience.
Since I wasn't exactly expecting to get 'chosen' I just waited for the show, which was lovingly acted. A very long wait for a relatively short show, but fun. I'd recommend it right after eating a meal so to give yourself time to settle before heading to a more active venue or ride.
We loved this show, of course because our daughter was chosen for the wand, but reports that you have to pay for the wand if chosen are false! Maybe it was that way in the beginning, but we were thrilled to save ourselves $30! It was worth the 20 min wait, especially since the line is easy to jump in and out of to go use the bathroom (as long as someone is left to save your spot!). I think we would have enjoyed the show even if we weren't chosen. But luckily we were!

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