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Pteranodon Flyers

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Swing Ride
Minimum height to ride: 36 inches

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Board a flying swing, suspended under the wings on a pteranodon, for a two-minute flight above Camp Jurassic. Visitors more than 56 inches tall must be accompanied by a child between 36 and 56 inches, and vice versa. Currently, this and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey were the only two rides in the park where you cannot use a Universal Express pass to skip the queue.


This ride is kind of boring
This is a nice attraction but your enjoyment of this ride will probably depend on how much time you wait in line. This extremely low capacity ride frequently has the longest wait in the park and it really isn't worth anything more than a 20 minute wait. If you wish to try this you also need to be with a kid between 36 and 56 inches tall.
Very enjoyable but short ride, you need a small kid to be able to do it, in November the lines aren't really that bad, but on peak times, forget about it.
9/14/2012: There was not a single person on line and the seats were flying empty, but we two adults were still not permitted to ride.
I was only able to ride it because I was with my kid brother. It was an okay ride but not worth the wait in line. Great for toddlers though, my little brother loved it.
To ride Preranodon Flyers, you MUST enter the park as soon as it opens. I went straight to the ride, ignoring an employee that said it was not open yet... it was. I waited just a few minutes. As a big fan of suspended coasters, the Flyers did not disappoint. The seats not only swing side-to-side, but back and forth as well. When I got off the ride, the line was already over 45 minutes long! That's too bad... I would not have even waited 15 minutes for the ride! It's an enjoyable ride, but definitely not worth waiting for.
A bit silly you must have a kid and an awful wait time but I still thing it's a half decent ride. I was expecting to see some Dinosaurs though. 7/10
It looks fun, but like others have mentioned, you can't ride without a child, so we couldn't try it.

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