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The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Motion Base Ride
Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

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A four-time winner for World’s Best Attraction in the Theme Park Insider Awards, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man sends you on assignment with the web-slinger as he tries to save the city. J. Jonah Jameson’s hired you as an intern at the Daily Bugle, to test its new automated news-gathering vehicle, the SCOOP. But, of course, news breaks and “everything goes terribly wrong,” and you’re soon twisting and spinning around the city as a collection of villains torments you with fireballs, floods, and even a 100-story drop. Don’t worry, though, Spider-Man will swing by to save the day. In 2012, Universal reanimated the ride with a new, 4K high-definition film using Infitec 3D projection technology, allowing designers to add new detail throughout the ride. (Look for Spider-Man creator Stan Lee near the end of your trip.)


I don't know how Universal created such a perfect attraction, but I do know that they have been trying to capture this winning formula ever since with varying results. More importantly than any singular feature of this ride, it just has that Spiderman essence that can be enjoyed again and again. 10/10.
I like the special effects in this, plus it has a very good queue line. Rating: (9/10)
Love it!
This is not only my favorite Universal ride, it's my favorite ride in the world. 20/10
The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman are truly AMAZING. With the new upgraded 3D projectors the ride is even more immersive! Sometimes I can't truly make a difference between the screen and the reality! One of the best rides ever. 10/10
In my humble opinion, one of the most entertaining rides or attractions I've ever been on. Very exciting and lots to look at, while still maintaining a high level of fun, for kids and adults alike. This was my favorite ride at Universal before Harry Potter arrived. The recent renovation they did to the ride really enhances the experience too. If you are going to IOA, Spider Man is an absolute must. Make sure you try and spot all the Stan Lee cameos too, lots of fun
Still to this day my favorite ride in any theme park. Tells a great story and great looking queue. I am a little biased since I love Spiderman but whose counting,LOL.
the best villian in the ride was electro
Don't miss it. I went to all simulators and it is even better than Gringotts (and about 5 hours less of line) 10/10
Incredible! Must-do attraction! The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is absolutely fantastic... and was made even better with the recent refurbishment. One of the best dark rides of any theme park! 10/10
Perfection. Spider Man was great before the hi- def redo. Now it's awesome. It's just a small notch behind Transformers & Harry Potter's Forbidden Journey.
While I didn't like it on my first ride in '07 (my family wouldn't shut up and I was confused of what was going on), the HD upgrades bring you into the Spider-Man universe and make this ride even better than Forbidden Journey (until when Escape from Gringotts opens).

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