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The Cat in the Hat

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

Track Ride
Minimum height to ride: 36 inches

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An indoor "dark" ride that recites Dr. Seuss's classic story. You'll ride on a (sometimes) spinning couch as you watch "Sally and I" deal with their feline visitor, and his Thing 1 and Thing 2. But will they clean up this mess before Mother gets home?


I love this ride and make sure to get a ride or two in when I visit IOA but it is definitely dated. Fun dark ride but could use an update. 7/10
A "diet" Fantasyland ride that at least tries to be special.
Some of the animatronics could use an update, but it's an overall fun children's book experience if you don't mind the spinning. 7/10
It's a nice little dark ride for the kids and the adults who read the Cat in the Hat to them, or just want to get off of their feet for a minute. 7/10.
A nice, rather lengthy dark ride. The book provides interesting source material for this ride and the sets are nicely done although some have started to look aged a bit. The spinning of the ride vehicles also adds a fun element to the attraction. It's a good ride for everyone in the family and worth anybodys attention.
This is a fun ride but the spinning, although turned down a notch or 2, is still a bit much for me.
very good dark ride, it's a kiddie ride but way better than the average ones, it's spins quite a lot, so beware if you sensitive to that. other than that just pure fun
I really like this ride. It's nice to have a Fantasyland style dark-ride at Islands of Adventure. But... It has a twist! (no pun intended)
A great Fantasyland-type dark ride, and one that's as much fun for the older crowd as it is for the young ones.

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