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The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad

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Live Theater Show

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A live stunt show pitting our hero Sindbad and his sidekick Kabob against the villain, Miseria, as Sindbad tries to rescue beautiful Princess Amoura. The stunt show theater is located right next to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion, leading to speculation that the wizards might soon evict Sindbad. So if you want to see this show, catch it soon.


Pretty terrible show. I've seen it twice now and I definitely won't be going for a third!
TERRIBLE SHOW, probably one of the worst attractions at Universal if not the absolut worst. Some special effects are cool but the acting, the fighting choreography, the humor and the story are just terrible. I actually like the stage it's well done and I would like to see a great stunt show in it. Come on Universal! 0/10 for me. Painfully bad.
Universal has a long history of great stunt shows. This is not one of them.
Ehhhh, it's nice to sit for a while, but this show really isn't much other than cheesy humor and some stunts. 5/10.
was sorta lame years ago and it is still lame.. waste of good space in the park. time to make the eighth voyage the last one.
Not too many stunts compared to the amount of filler. The premise seems to be "Let's have unknown characters run around, telling jokes aimed for kids and maybe have an explosion." Good news, no wait and you get to sit. Bad news, this takes up space in a park with limited attractions and land.
We love this stunt show. It has a great story with a lot of humour and many stunts.
good, fun enjoyable show, and one of the few ops to rest at IOA :)
Not bad, but not great. Just doesn't measure up to most of the Disney stuff (which it will and should be compared to). It doesn't have a nostalgia factor either. It just doesn't do justice to the rest of the park in my opinion.
The 2012 show was better than I remembered the 2011 show. I guess it grows on you. Moved my rating up to good but it isn't on a par with the main Disney live shows.
Fire and water is always entertaining. I think that they try to pack too much story into this show, and it just ends up confusing instead of entertaining. The cast both times I have seen this was quite talented and strong and beautiful. However, I didn't find them to be as funny as I think they were meant to be.
A very enjoyable show, with an entertaining story and likeable characters. The scenary and special effects were also very clever. Would prefer a movie-based show if I'm honest, but still well worth a visit.
Not the greatest show. Too much cheesy stuff in it. I would love to see Harry Potter replace this show. 3/10

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