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Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

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Motion Base Show
Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

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Minion Mayhem replaced the Jimmy Neutron attraction at Universal Studios Florida in July 2012. You'll enter Gru's house, then walk into his secret laboratory, where you'll be transformed into Minions to do Gru's work. Of course, it all goes wrong, as you ride in moving seats for this 3D film. After the show, you can meet and dance with Universal's popular Minions in a post-show "dance party," before exiting through the Minion-laden gift shop.


Love this ride! Yes its a movie but its got the minions so who cares? :)
I didn't really like this ride that much. I found the whole thing weird about being turned into minions. It just isn't great compared to the Disney rides. And plus I hate the minion characters they are so annoying and they ruin the whole despicable me story.
While not worth a 45-60 minute wait, still a cute ride full of nonstop cartoon antics.
Fun ride expending on the movies and that's a good thing.
For anyone who gets motion sickness you can ask to do the non moving chairs and they put you on a large seating area in front of the screen so you can still enjoy the movie.
This is just a very fun, very cute family attraction. From the queue through Gru's house, to the very funny pre-show, to the simulator attraction itself - you cannot help smiling. This is one of the best 3D simulators, to me, because I have not felt sick any of the times I have ridden it! And who doesn't like Despicable Me?
I'll always miss Hanna-Barbera, but this is a drastic improvement over Jimmy Neutron. A whole lot of fun with just the right amount of minion action. 9/10
Amazing. Even better than expected. It's fun incarnate. And the two preshows are absolutely hilarious.
It's a fun ride. It did it's job. It updated the simulator with more hip cartoons. This long term viability of this ride will probably depend on the success of the next couple movies. Universal did a good job with the entertaining pre show and queue. The ride felt a little lacking, but that's probably because I'm so used to Jimmy. 7/10.
I seemed to enjoy the queue and preshow for this attraction more than the actual ride itself. The picture on screen is very crisp and the story is fun, however the movement of the ride simulators were lacking for me.
OMG, this was such a cute attraction... from beginning to the surprise at the end. LOVED IT!!! The lines can get very long for this due to it's popularity!
Just a fun attraction from beginning to end. The visuals are crisp and the simulator movements are smooth and perfectly in sync. The ride captures the spirit and the sense of adventure from the movies nicely. A well done family attraction that is a must-see.

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