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Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 6 out of 10

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Robert Niles

Photo of Disaster!

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Published: February 16, 2015

Disaster! is a retheming of the old Earthquake attraction, featuring a new storyline starring Christopher Walken. The big scene at the end is the same as on the old Earthquake ride — a trip in San Francisco’s BART subway that goes “terribly wrong” when the big quake hits, jolting your train as the station floods and catches fire around you.

Jonathan Katz
Great for a break and the Earthquake sequence is always fun. 7/10
Christopher Sturniolo
Worth checking out if you want to cool off or seen all the major attractions.
Quentin Scruggs
Excellent across all boards! The pre show and filming parts are absolutely hilarious and entertaining. Sure it is corny and predictable, but I always laugh. The actual Earthquake part is still amazing after 24 years of operation and the end trailer is the best part. It's always good when the audience plays along. 9/10
Manny Barron
One of the last remaining attractions in the park that explains a bit about the movie making process. The attraction hosts play their part well and bring energy to this attraction. It's a lengthy attraction, about 40 minutes but it is all pretty interesting. The final ride portion is pretty neat and the video that plays after is funny. Definitely worth a shot if you have visited the other more popular rides.
Laura Danielson
This actually really depends on the actress you get for leading you through the ride. The first one we got was amazing, interactive and full of energy. Each successive one was...less so. But the 'disaster' itself and Walken are always fun. This still remains one of my favorites and I recommend it at least once.
Eric Malone
Not exactly the best ride in the park, but if you need a break from the oppressive summer heat, this is a good place to start. You do a lot of sitting in the air conditioning. It combines aspects of movie-making with a ride they've had for a long time. It's actually all kinda neat to see, but its re-ride value is fairly low. If there was an option to, say, skip the movie-making part and go right into the ride, it might be worth a few re-rides. Since that's not the case..
Bryce McGibeny
Surprised at the low rating! Disaster! is a long attraction which is a lot of fun. The way the audience is able to participate is a lot of fun. The Christopher Walken hologram was amazing! Very impressed with this effect. Then after the show, you board the old Earthquake ride. It's basically the same, but it's a lot of fun to see the movie that you "helped" to produce.
Anthony Murphy
I actually thought this was pretty good!
Jeff Moon
The actual disaster part is probably the most boring. The other two are fun as long as you or a group member are picked for the filming.

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