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Another of the few attractions that date from the park's 1990 opening, you ride on bicycles flying through the air, as you try to help E.T. escape to his ship and fly home.


From start to finish, E.T. Adventure is true magic. I can't help but have this nostalgia that I don't even have for the ride. I adore and love it so much but of course it's not perfect. I do think this is the best Fantasyland-style dark ride in Orlando yes even better than it's similar ride, Peter Pan's Flight. Yes, it’s a bit kitschy, but that could be said for all of WDW’s dark rides. Where E.T. Adventure succeeds unlike all of the other newer, modern, screen rides is that, this is the only remaining ride from park opening! E.T. Adventure really is the last man standing at USF. The coolest thing is that the ride portion of the attraction still feels fresh, with quality figures and vibrant scenes. The flying over the city scene gives me goosebumps. In terms of the bikes I think they are a great way to bring guests into the story. The queue is among the best in the world. It really looks like a real large California forest. The dimmed lights in the queue slowly make it look like you are going up in the sky above everything. It's quite amazing and magical throughout the whole line, I love it. The only big problem is because of it's age, it is very outdated. E.T. saying your name at the end also is usually broken, and E.T's planet is quite creepy and strange. It's very creative but doesn't fit in with the other bright parts in the experience. As you can see, E.T. is not perfect but I feel like it should be there, it's of the last pieces of what made Universal Studios Florida a special park when it opened and what made it stand out among other parks in the world. Please do this at least once, you never know what might happen to it. 8/10
The queue here is among the best ever. It is just so authentic in its representation of the forest. The ride also has some of my favorite ride vehicles. The first half is actually very impressive. The scale is great, and it truly feels like the forest. The city area is well done and very cute (although I think Peter Pan has a better perspective). My gripes start once you get to ET's planet. It has a kind of creepy vibe and, while creative, feels left field after the experience you just had. Still, the ride has some amazing moments, and it is probably the best strictly kid's ride at Universal. I would suggest it if the wait is under 20 minutes. 6/10
I love this ride, it's underrated! You feel like you're flying through the stars!
Never let this go. It's a classic, it truly feels like you're flying through space.
I'll be really sad when it goes but will understand why. Its getting old but still a MUST for me when I go.
E.T is the perfect nostalgia ride. Some people compare this ride with Peter Pan's Flight and I understand why, but E.T is far superior to his Fantasyland rival. Probably I think like that because E.T is one of my favorite films of all time as well as my favorite Steven Spielberg film but the entire experience is a lot more satisfying. When we cross Los Angeles with our bikes and we can hear the superb John Williams music I can't help it: I feel a thousand emotions. The green planet scenes are amazing pieces of dark ride: terrific animatronics, music, lighting and even water effects. Of course, at the end E.T says your name and that little touch is very special. 10/10.
While not as advanced and popular as some other attractions, the nostalgia factor can't be ignored. I do miss the goodbye at the end. 7/10
Kids, don't do drugs. Ride the ET Adventure.
We love this ride. Great queue and nostalgic ride. It always brings a big smile to my girlfriend's face when they pronounce her obscure name correctly. It's always our first and last rides during our Universal vacations.

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