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Kang and Kodos' Twirl 'n' Hurl

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Carnival Spinner

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A spinner ride featuring the aliens from The Simpsons' annual Treehouse of Horror episodes.


Silly humans are “captured” and forced to “attack” their fellow man using the flight path of their flying saucer to pass by and activate targets bearing the faces of different citizens of Springfield. You just basically have to accept this ride for what it is, the ride spins like a carousel and riders control how low or high they want to fly. It is nothing new or extraordinary. It is similar to Dumbo, Aladdin's carpets, and many other carnival rides. However, with that being said, the theme is pretty great. The colors and structure of the ride itself fits well with the Simpsons. It is fun, and whimsical and makes for a great photograph. The very best part of this ride is the view you will have when you are on it. If you have a few minutes, take some time to enjoy this ride and the view of the park that it gives you, it's fantastic and really anyone should enjoy this cute little ride. 6.5/10
It's o.k. if the wait is minimal. There's about 5 of these types of rides in Orlando but this one has a Simpsons twist. Riders can "hit" popular Simpsons characters and initiate a reaction. This reaction seemed more random that actually influenced by the riders.
Cute theming and name, and so glad they put a nice little kids ride in the Simpson's area. The ride itself, is the normal "Dumbo" type... no extra bells and whistles.. but the kids will like it!

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