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A short show in which "the wand chooses the wizard", in this case, a child volunteer from the audience. You exit into the wand shop where a variety of wands are available for purchase.


Located in Diagon Alley in the books and films, somehow sprouted a branch location in Hogsmeade at IOA. Potter purists pointed out this misplacement, but the wand shop stayed put with J.K. Rowling's blessing and became one of the more popular features of The Wizarding World. It also became a horrendous bottleneck, with long lines where guests roasted in an unshaded queue. In the Diagon Alley version, Ollivanders assumes its rightful place, and with much larger digs. This is one of the most truly imaginative elements of The Diagon Alley. A Wandkeeper sizes you up and presents a wand, inviting you to try it out; your attempted spells produce unintended, unwanted, and highly amusing consequences. Ultimately, a wand chooses you, with all the magical special effects. It's quite an experience, but it's not for everyone so I recommend for people who love Harry Potter are people that enjoy interactive, cool, moments! 7/10

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