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Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon

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Universal's first flying theater attraction, Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon features NBC's Tonight Show host in a 3D comedic adventure through the city.


This is something new. Not as a ride but as an attraction it's in it's own ballpark and I love it. The lower floor is great to spend some time to walk through the history of the Tonight Show. Upstairs there is so much to do and to enjoy. For the first time I didn't mind to wait, I didn't disliked the interactive stuff and I'm a fan of # the panda and the singers. The energy in that room is unlike anything I've ever experienced in a theme parks. The ride is nice and I hope Shrek and Minions will get the boot leaving one screen simulator on that street but it's a solid 7/10 for me. The whole experience lifts it up 2 point to a very solid 9/10.
OK, this is the only attraction that I've ever done where I enjoyed the queue better than the attraction. Mediocre simulator ride but a brilliant way to handle the wait. My group would have been very happy to stay in the second floor waiting area for a little longer. The attraction gets a 5 the queue a 9 for an average of 7
Replacing Twister, Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon is basically a simulator (big shocker) that makes you feel like you’re driving and flying through New York City. (And beyond…) It is a Soarin’ style video travelogue, but with a much faster pace, a few moments that recreate the sensation of falling, and a ton of references to Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. And the whole time Fallon himself is there with you, spouting one-liners and jokes as your race rival, and also popping up in a variety of cameos. The story is that you’re in the audience at a Tonight Show taping, and instead of hosting a regular episode Fallon has decided to challenge you to a race for the Tonight Show Cup. Whoever hits three checkpoints and returns to the studio first wins. Even for a theme park ride, it’s not an especially exciting or memorable story—it’s just an excuse to set up the race. Once the race is on, those jokes, cameos and references arrive at a constant clip, and, again, if you’re not a fan of Fallon or the show, they probably won’t do anything for you. I didn't really think the humor was funny at all and actually annoying. It does have cool effects like the smell of pizza and the queue is super cool and the best part of the ride. The motion simulator itself is a fine mid-level attraction in a park that currently has so many that it's almost ridiculous. That's my problem with it, it's just that Universal has way too many simulators and that's what this ride is, to the point where there isn't anything new about this ride other than the amazing queue. Kids should like this as the ride is silly and fun, and it features many characters from the Tonight Show. It helps if you know the show—and appreciate Jimmy’s humor—but it is not a must. It blends in much better with the New York street scene at USF than Twister did. I liked the attraction, but I'm concerned that Universal is getting too attached to screens and 3-D rides which is why it's either a love it or hate it attraction. 6/10
We are at Universal now and found this to be really well done. My boys are 6, 9, and 14. They all loved it as did my husband and I. The line is entertaining and the ride is thrilling. It is a win-win. We really enjoy Universal Studios!
This is rough. I've never liked the Tonight Show's humor, but the allure of a new ride and a flying theater made it seem worthwhile. In the end, it is just a simulator. The setup is nearly identical to Despicable Me 100 feet away. Calling it a flying theater is kind of offensive to actual flying theaters. Fallon is irritating the whole ride constantly telling aggravatingly bad jokes. The ride is just awful in every sense. I guess the preshow area is alright, and the virtual line system works well. However, that is just lipstick on a pig. And this is one bad pig.

I think what bothers me the most about this is that it means that USF hasn't gotten a themed ride that isn't pretty a simulator of some sort since 2004. That is a bit ridiculous. I feel like they keep pushing the same products over and over. The last ride they made that felt truly world's first and unique was Forbidden Journey. I love Universal's recent themed environments (namely Diagon Alley), but they need to add some variety to their park's lineup with their actual attractions. Anyway, this ride is awful. 2/10

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