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A 3-D animated sequel to the original Shrek, with special in-theater effects. The story picks up as the ghost of Lord Farquaad pursues Princess Fiona and Shrek on the way to their honeymoon.


Somebody once told me this show was gonna rock me
They were right I loved it
Farquaad was looking pretty dumb
When Shrek kicked his bum
We were there to keep getting sneezed on
Well, the ride was loud and a bit rough
The whole theater was old; the seats looked tough
The meme fans begged to differ
Judging by the line to see this picture
So much to do so much to see
Don't wait long see what's to eat
You never know if you don't ride RIDE see it if you got the time

Hey now, its Shrek now
4D is so cool
Hey now, UniversAll Star
It's cool huh 4D
Shrek 4D is gold
Only at Universal Studios


Its all right but definitely won't miss it when its gone!
Not the best mickey's phillarmagic is a million times better.
Good for families visiting for the first time. For anyone over the age of 12 or anyone who has seen it already, go do Revenge of the Mummy instead. 6/10
It's fun, but only a couple times. Repeated viewings make it boring. I now skip it whenever I go. However it is not to be missed for new timers. The motion seats are cool the first couple times, but annoying over time. Overall a 6-7 is right on the money.
It's one of the better attractions in the park the whole family can enjoy together. The main attraction is extremely well done and packs a nice adventure. The in theatre effects are good too, when they work, which is becoming an issue as this attraction ages. Still though a nice attraction worth your attention.

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