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You're welcomed on to a tour of Cyberdyne Systems (from James Cameron's Terminator movies), but since this is a theme park attraction, you shouldn't be surprised when something goes “terribly wrong.” Soon, you're traveling through time with John Connor and the Terminator as you try to save the world from Skynet. The show blends live actors, a 3D movie, and in-theater special effects, including explosions.


It's getting dated but we still go whenever we go. Whatever you do Universal PLEASE don't "update" it to the new Terminator movies. I would rather they replace the whole thing with something else!
I never EVER do not do Terminator in a trip.
Always a great way to get out of the heat with a good show and only slightly dated effects. 7/10
Still packs a punch even though it's slightly dated. Could use some TLC.
We love this show. Great mix of live action, 3D screens and special effects.
The attraction has been open almost 20 years now, and just like Terminator 2 the movie, it still not only holds up to today's standards, but exceeds them. The propaganda filled preshow is highly entertaining and the effects during the actual show draw one in. If Universal would upgrade the 3D to the level of Despicable Me's, this attraction would be a 10/10 instead of a 9/10.
This attraction is an oldie but a goodie. This attraction does show its age and the 3-D visuals are a little blurry when compared to newer, similar attractions. Like the movie itself though, T2:3-D is well done and the combination movie/live show presentation is still very entertaining and well worth the time to watch it.
This attraction would have likely gotten a a perfection rating had my husband and I been familiar with the storyline.
Amazing blend of live action and 3D. The special effects all worked amazingly well, and had me on the edge of my seat. The 3D was also very convincing, and had me leaning away from whatever was assaulting me. Probably my favorite theme park show.
It's great they expand the story and they do it in an amazing way.

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