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Transformers The Ride 3D

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Motion Base Ride
Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

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The motion-base ride, based on the hit Michael Bay Transformers films, opened officially in June 2013, after successful debuts at the Universal Studios parks in Singapore and Hollywood. You're a new recruit on the NEST team, helping the Autobots defend Earth from the Decepticons. But before you finish training, you're rushed into battle with EVAC, a rookie Autobot, and told to take the Allspark -- the Transfomers' source of power — to safety.


As far as modern dark rides go Transformers combines the best of the best. Michael Bay, the director of the wildly successful franchise now brings you this ride. Everything about this ride is cinematic as it thrusts riders into the action of the movies.
A clone from the original at Singapore and Hollywood, this lesser version of those original versions is still quite an experience. Transformers: The Ride 3D is a new take on an old concept, but still offers a sure win for fans of the franchise. Put it simply, this ride is simply amazing. It just feels so real and you're right in the middle of all the action. It's just an epic ride. It's flaws are the similar ride system and technology to Spiderman at IOA which is far superior to this ride. It's location is also very odd since it's plopped right in the middle of the New York area which is kind of strange compared to in a nice big eye catching corner with more action on the outside in Hollywood. I felt like there are a few little water effects missing in this one compared to Hollywood's and Singapore's. So, I do think this is a little inferior to both versions. Still, this is an immersive theme park experience that really puts you into the movies. The unique combination of state-of-the-art 3D projection, motion simulation, and intense battle sequences make it feel like a crazy roller coaster. While I find this to be the lesser version of the others, Transformers is still a solid must do. 9/10
An amazing ride. You just feel right in the action, and the whole experience is quite unbelievable. Micheal Bay is best in a 5 minute action ride. Main issue is just how close it is to Spiderman when it is just right at the other park (and a far superior ride) but still. It is a solid 9/10
There is a lot of love for this ride, I'm not one of them. I appreciate the theming outside and inside the building and the ride is perfect but the ride is to much in your face unlike Spiderman that gives you some time to oversee the scene.
Micheal bay should focus on making rides instead of movies , I think this ride is very good, fast paced and more thrilling than spider man (though I still think spidey is better ) Transformers is a very fun ride and you should check it out if your at universal studios 8.5/10
A unique ride that transports you into the world of transformers. 8.5/10
Awesome ride!
Though it borrows much of Spiderman's tech, Transformers is, at this moment in time, one of the best rides on Universal Orlando property. It is so immersive that you actually feel as if you are in the city battling the autobots. Special effects, such as the wind rushing over you while you're at the top of the building, add so very much to the realism.Great for repeat rides. And the Transformers battle music playing outside the military headquarters creates a remarkable ambiance.
It's okay not the best ride I like the Disney dark rides better then this.
It's good not great. I like to play the "spot the elevators" game. 6/10
I hate to be the one person who hates it - but I have to be honest - I did! However, to be fair to the ride, I hate most simulators. My husband, who loves simulators, loved it! So, my ride review is that the visuals and storyline were good, but if you, like me, get sick on simulators then you might want to skip it. I feel cheated with all these new simulator rides. Its like the ride engineers thought of a really fun ride, but then didn't want to build it as a REAL kinetic ride. Give me a big, thrilling roller coaster any day.
A deeply immersive experience that would have scored higher had it not been so similar so spiderman. 9/10
Incredible dark ride that uses the same ride technology as the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman at IOA. This ride is absolutely stunning but, in my opinion, is not quite as good as Spiderman. 10/10

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