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Twister - Ride It Out

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 5 out of 10

Live Theater Show

Robert Niles

Photo of Twister - Ride It Out

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Published: February 16, 2015

Inspired by the 1996 movie starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton, this special-effects-demonstration show debuted in the park in 1998. You'll feel the blowing, swirling wind of an EF5-force tornado, as all sorts of stuff goes flying through the theater in front of you when the twister hits.

This once housed the amazing Ghost Busters show. Now I skip it every visit. This attraction is a standing only affair where they create a small but impressive vortex. But that is it, it's a 1 trick pony and can be skipped if crushed for time.
Jonathan Katz
Here's another attraction that has caught a bad rap. No, it isn't Gringotts or Transformers, but does it have to be? If you enjoy a good effects show that never has a wait, this is the way to go. 7/10
melissa s

Gotta love that Paxton ;)
Morgan Flay
nobody should have to see this piece of trash. it's not amusing or cool or funny or nothing. universal should tear it down and build bathrooms because it would be better for their business
Jade Benefield
I enjoy this. Certainly not the best at Universal, but a nice indoor diversion on a hot day...
Quentin Scruggs
This ride needs to go away. It is based on a movie people barely remember, which is ironic because Universal replaced Ghostbusters partly because many people didn't remember it, and now it is more popular than Twister. Anyway, it has outdated effects and the building should house something like a year round haunted house.
Jake Johnson
been there done that, did not get the t-shirt.
time to make room for another more up to date ride. The movie was OK but not ride worthy.. must have been during the low time for Universal time to use this one.
Manny Barron
Even after almost a decade and a half of operation, Twister still offers an interesting special effects presentation. I really like how in the pre-show queue area it feels like you really are in a wrecked house and thats really where the attraction starts. The main show is definitely worth checking out.
Laura Danielson
This ‘ride’ was built under the belief that the film would become both a memorable classic and a popular spot in the parks. Yeah, that didn't happen. The pre-show – a long rather dull video detailing both making of the movie and meteorically effects of tornadoes was painfully boring. The next section – portraying the destructive aftermath of a building hit by a twister, was fun and I would have loved to explore, but was given no time to look and was rushed onto the show itself. The designers strangely thought an apathetic Bill Paxton’s ‘telling’ of a tornado’s power was more powerful than ‘seeing’ it. The show proper was fun. That was it. If we could have skipped the droning video I could’ve enjoyed this thing.
Eric Malone
C'mon down to Twister, and experience a raging Bill Paxton! No, really, this ride is about as mediocre as it gets. It used to be a more engaging ride, but they've since taken elements out of it that made it a more intense ride, likely 'cause people don't seem to realize that the wrath of God can be intense. Anyway, if you've never experienced Twister before, don't pass it up. It still has some pretty neat effects to it, and the pre-show queue is still cool. If you've seen it once already, pass on it and spend that time in the queues waiting for good rides like Transformers or Mummy. Hard to believe they tossed the Ghostbusters show out for this one. Sigh.
This attraction gets such a bad rap. If you are a huge fan of the movie (as my whole family is), you feel like you are in the drive-in scene.

They do a great job of recreating that part of the movie. It's only a few minutes long, but everyone cheers when the show is over. this is a 9/10 in my book.

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