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Universal Horror Make-up Show

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Located behind a recreation of the facade of Hollywood's Pantages Theater, Universal's look at the work of special effects make-up artists is one of the few attractions that remains from the park's opening. As the title suggests, there's a bit of gore and the gruesome in this live show, but the overall tone is mostly light, with a heavy dose of Universal's distinctive sarcastic humor.


This is by far the best show at Universal Studios. I wish there were more great shows but at least they have this one!
Best. Theme. Park. Show. Ever.
The only non-disney show that comes anywhere close. A really good time even if horror isn't your thing. 8/10
I really enjoyed the humor, pace and effects. A solid piece of entertainment.
Worth checking out for some behind the scenes magic.
You can't miss this show on your visit, but you only need to see it once.
While I don't think any theme park show will ever match the caliber of a Disney production, the Universal Horror Make-up Show is definitely one of the best non-Mickey performances. It's more of a comedic sketch than a tutorial on horror make-up, but you still come away with some good info nonetheless. If you need a break from the rides or the heat, this is a perfect place to take a breather. It is one of the funnier shows you will experience. Parents of younger children do need to be cautious. There is a bit of gore, some scary elements, and the majority of the humor is crude. If you can handle the material though, this is a show not to be missed. 8 out of 10.
A surprisingly funny and engaging show about horror make up, prosthetics and CGI which is missed by too many guests. 8/10
HA, very funny, best show at USF.

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