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Located behind a recreation of the facade of Hollywood's Pantages Theater, Universal's look at the work of special effects make-up artists is one of the few attractions that remains from the park's opening. As the title suggests, there's a bit of gore and the gruesome in this live show, but the overall tone is mostly light, with a heavy dose of Universal's distinctive sarcastic humor.


The Universal Orlando Horror Make-Up Show is a true favorite! This show has excellent humor and great effects. This is one of the few remaining attractions of the original USF (the other being E.T.). This truly feels like a classic show that really deserves to be in the park considering the amount of attractions with screens. Even if you don't like horror, you will enjoy this show. This show is so overlooked and arguably the best live action show in all of Orlando. It's up there with some of the top Disney shows. The queue/pre show is also very interesting, it contains multiple displays on Universal Horror films. This show is just very entertaining and shows you how parts of horror movies are made. Don't be scared to watch this show because it's horror, it's a great time. 9/10
Comparing many things between Disney and Universal, this is one huge advantage Universal has over Disney, and really well done show about behind the scenes on make-up and costuming. Note that last time I saw this was 10 years ago, but I still remember it well. Rating: (9/10)
This is by far the best show at Universal Studios. I wish there were more great shows but at least they have this one!
Best. Theme. Park. Show. Ever.
The only non-disney show that comes anywhere close. A really good time even if horror isn't your thing. 8/10
I really enjoyed the humor, pace and effects. A solid piece of entertainment.
Worth checking out for some behind the scenes magic.

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