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Halloween Horror Nights


About Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights returned to Universal Studios Hollywood in 2006, after several years' absence.

Here's the backstory of the theme: "The Director" has been officially banned from the Universal backlot due to his warped, demented horror films. So he goes solo, taking over the lot to stage his own Halloween Horror Nights production.

The Director's work will be found all over the theme park and studio backlot, where guests will for the first time be allowed off the trams, to wander zombie-filled mazes placed among the studio's most notable film sets, including the Psycho house and War of the Worlds airplane crash.

Look for tweaks on some of the parks other attractions, too, as the WaterWorld show becomes "Slaughter World" and Jurassic Park is darkened.

More information, including tickets and backstory details, is available on Universal's official Halloween Horror Nights website. -- Last edited by Robert Niles

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Photos from Halloween Horror Nights

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Readers' Opinions

From j capellino on Oct 13, 2008
Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2008! This is the Third year attending this even. The first year 2006 was a disaster! (can view my comments on here). 2007 was the best! No long lines, the mazes where good and the price just right. Then the horrific thing happend. 2008 is a HUGE mess.. AGAIN! FIrst, there was a long line to get thru security. Second, I had purchased 10 tickets for my friends. However, because we went on a Friday (thinking less lines etc) we all met up at 630 and some had to come from work so close to 8pm. The tickets all have the same statement: ID for entrances and possible credit card verification. I had both the credit card (thankfully) and my ID but unfortunatly because traffic is always a nightmare in the area and VERY SLOW parking staff collecting parking fees. I had to wait for everyone till 8pm. Those who where lucky to be there at 645 went in after verifying my CC/ID. I had to wait.. wait for my friends due to this stupid policy. Others whose parents used their CC to purchase for their children and were not with the kids had to go to guest services (LONG LINE) to call to verify purchase. This is the most stupid thing ive seen. Even airlines dont require this. That said at 830 we went in. Great entrance. We walked up to the annoying photography staff and avoided them quickly. We went to the Billboard showing times for waiting in line for mazes, attarctions and found that everything except the terror tram was an hour wait. We waited 1/2 hour thru security to get in. No lines at the gate UNTIL we find out ID/CC required. This turned into 2.5 hours for me to wait. Then an hour for mazes/attractions. The chain saw massacre was good (after an hour it better be). Jason was a huge yawn. He wasn't even in the vice/head area, no bedscene empty and at the end he walks in front of us. YAWN. Freddy was ok. better than last year but still bad actors. The worst was a toss up between the Terror Tram (aka... HUGE WASTE OF TIME) the only thing good about this was the nice HIKE you took up a hill. i liked that. Only for the excercise not the terror.. Terror was missing. The House of Horrors was aka house of Snorers. Very boring and again too long of a line. Unfornately, This will be my last visit to Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood. I'll be visiting friends and going to Orlando where they know how to do things 100% correct. They dont sell out the park so people have to wait an hour + nor do they require you to have the SAME CC you used to buy tickets. and so much more. Even though im not responsible for HHN,H i had to appologize to my freinds for the bad 4 hours. No fun except the hike and 1/2 priced BBQ.

From mike brunson on Aug 31, 2008
well let me start out by saying this is the best halloween event in the united states!!!!! well me and 3 other friends to this last year it was a saturday night not sure the exact date . Anyways,we got in at 7pm when it opened we went straight for the terror tram cause that is the longest wait what we heared so we went there it was awesome great themed got scared the whole way up it was great then we got off and went to the lower lot we hit up jurassic park and mummy after we went to the texas chainsaw maze well themed it made us feel like we were in the hewitt house it was awesome everything else was okay the 2 other mazes needed to be better and the scare zones need a big improvement but i will be back for 2008

From Archibald Talbot on Oct 13, 2007
My lady friend and I just got back from Hollywood Horror Nights 2007. We went on Friday October 12th. I actually just read thye reviews now from last year and I have to say, our experience wasn't indicative of the reviews below at all. We showed up at approximately 7:15, a bit later than I wanted. I was worried about the potential hordes of people, especially for being a bit late. There was an announcer imploring that neccesity for SPECIAL FRONT OF THE LINE PASSES, claiming tonight was sold out. My nervousness continued to creap in... as despite being a theme park veteran, I refuse to go if I have the slightest hint of back-breaking lines. As we ordered our tickets, the cashier once again tried to sell us on the special passes. I didn't want to shell out the money, but I didn't want to wait in long lines. It seems a dilemma had originated. What to do? Just then, the previously mentioned announcer barked out that the Front of the Line passes were now being reduced for the night. Hmmm... my instincts kicked in and I passed on the front of the line tickets. Why would they lower the price so suddenly on these passes unless they were expecting a poor turnout? It appears as though I was right. I am baffled at the reviews below and realize it's two different years... but still, we had ABSOLUTELY NO WAITING IN LINE FOR ANYTHING. I swear, either they've changed things or we got incredibly lucky. The first maze we went through was House of Horrors. To be fair, my review of this particuliar maze is biased to say the least. I am an unabashed early Universal Monster Movie geek. So therefore, I loved every bit of this maze. No, it wasn't very scary. However, the incredible detail and various props made me marvel at the sights. Again, a biased review. The only negative was the lack of Dracula influence. A pathetic prop of Lugosi greeted us as we entered, but that was it. And where was the Creature from the Black Lagoon? That being said, the Wolf Man's costume was spot-on. Okay, moving on to the more unbiased scenarios. The Scare Zones were okay, the best being the Hillbilly area. The costumes again though, were incredible. The settings were awesome. I loved the old movies theaters which harkened back to the early 80's. Very very cool. It seemed monsters were everwhere, and they did a good job producing original scare tactics. We went on Jurassic Park, which is always fun and then headed into The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. NO LINE. Once again, we were amazed at the details Universal put into their mazes. It was like being in the Hewitt home. Very creepy to say the least. Great Maze. And bonus points for actually making me think I got splattered with blood when in reality, it was water. Yes, I actually got upset for a moment before realizing my idiocy. Freddy's Maze was next. This was the weakest of the big 3. The Freddie's all looked way to short or way to young. We may have encountered a bad line, but overall it wasn't up to par with the TCM home. Jason's home was by far our favorite (though apparently the Texas Chainsaw was getting the ravest reviews). We saw many different Jasons and in stark contrast to the Freddies, these Jasons were big lurking monsters. I'm 6'1", 190lbs and these guys were all taller than me. They also were great at surprise scares. I jumped several times. The shows were all fine and dandy, I'm not really a show guy so reviewing them wouldn't be fair. Here's the thing... we made it through everything in about 3 hours. Again, we may have been lucky... but we had a great time. I was dreading going because to be honest, I hate Universal City Walk and the various hooligans that inhabit it. I have vowed never to see a movie there again. But we had a great time. The intricacies in design were flawless and were by far our favorite feature. They also use some forms of scent as the Texas Chainsaw Maze smelled like rotting beef and Jason's house had Pine Tar and wood smells. Great attention to detail. The costumes were awesome... and unlike the reviews below, we saw a RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF STAFF everywhere. Oh, one last thing... the ride the Mummy? I see it has an average rating of an 8? Really? Really? I was beyond disappointed with it. I liked the Indiana Jones ripoff and was excited when the cart first took off... very fast for what I expected... but after that? Snooze. Nothing unique visually... I mean, neon signs in the dark? Really? Really?! And it was over in like 60 seconds. My girlfriend and I were shocked at its pedestrian level of excitement and lamented the pain of summer theme park goers who wait over an hour to ride it. All in all though, we just had a great time. Especially the incredible sights and sounds. And no waiting was fantastic. Based on the previous reviews...it looks like my experience was an anomoly, unless the 2007 version was just changed dramatically due to poor reviews from 2006. Maybe we got lucky. But I'll go again next year. For scares though, nothing compares so far to the Queen Mary. Yikes.

From melanie alvarez on May 17, 2007
Look, Halloween Horror Nites was a HUGE disappointment. We left Miami early afternoon and made it to Orlando in time to check into our hotel, take a quick shower, and head straight to HHN. I went on Exactly October 13th 2006, thinking that it would be a cool day to go and maybe there would be a lot of extra stuff, being that it was friday the 13th. But there wasn't. I know some other people who went on the same day said that it rained but I dont remember. I think I was just so excited that I didn't even pay attention. Obviously, it was a Friday, so I knew to expect long lines. I had bought an express pass when I bought my ticket, which was helpful in avoiding the long lines, but you can only go into each haunted house once, which was enough times for me. The first couple of haunted houses were ok, but then it just got really boring. The zombies and stilt walkers were pretty cool, and a lil creepy. But overall, it wasn't what I expected. I already decided that the only way I'd return to HHN, is if they were to make it in Islands of Adventure instead of just Universal. We got there at 6 or 7pm and had been thru every haunted house by 9. After that, we had nothing to do...there goes the hundred something dollars i spent on the ticket! If its in Universal again this year (2007), I'm just going to go to Busch Gardens Hollow something. But I def won't go back to Universal. The best thing there was the Mummy ride. Closest thing to a roller coaster in the whole park. So if I can offer any advice...DON'T GO TO HHN IF ITS IN UNIVERSAL. ITS NOT WORTH IT AT ALL!! Also, I know people love to complain about the express pass, but in reality, if you had the extra money to cough up, you'd buy it too. I think it was worth spending the extra $50. I'd def do it again, and if they were to take the express pass out, I just wouldn't go.

From Hermione Granger on Apr 2, 2007
I was walking through the thing and this guy popped out and I also had to go to the bathroom because I ate something bad at lucys lunchbox. So I had an accident when he scared me. I did diareah and I peed my pants. I filed a lawsuit with the dude who scared me and got 5,000,000,000 dollars. I raise cats and have about 50 now. my house smells like cat doodoo and I smell like poopoo.

From christian bowman on Nov 2, 2006
ok guys heres the deal i work here and we were lame i admit bu we are comming back next yr with more mazes we had to try things out to see if ti would work and if people would come back and yes it was a lot of last min stuff being done we as employees didnt know what was going on till the last min so we are already starting to plan for the next yr have no fear

From Max Douglas on Oct 25, 2006
Halloween is a time for spookiness and scares...so why does Universal Studios Hollywood think horror fanatics and thrillseekers like vulgarity? I can't quite get my head around how "Slaughter World" ended up being the "Water World" show with sex jokes and bad language. When Helen talked about discovering "Dry Land," without much of an explanation, it symbolized how last minute this show was put together. Rather than creating a new production, a new storyline, only recycling (or better yet, disguising) the existing set, it was all a matter of making characters less likable, situations less realistic, and jokes less funny. I don't buy into sensationalism and I wouldn't cheer on a show with uninspired violence, but I would have much preferred a spooky tale to a low brow attempt to appeal to the (assumedly) uneducated masses. Universal--don't underestimate the intellect of your guests. We're not all teenagers and even those that are aren't necessarily angry, crime-ridden, and without class. On this note, Chucky's Insult Emporium was just a comedian who responded to heckling from the crowd by telling "Yo Mama" jokes. Instead of clever insults, he made comments like, "Yeah, you, in the front row. Looking around, like, duh." Once again, lack of inspiration...isn't the point of insults to be creative, and not just to provide information that is being acquired through technological advances? How can a puppet make fun of someone for not realizing he is being talked to when the puppet can't make eye contact and the person has no way of knowing who is being referred to? Next time, scrap the Chucky doll and just have the guy sitting up there, saying it to their faces...because "yo mama" jokes have nothing to do with the film franchise or the character. Or better yet, use the space for something Halloween related. I know it is farfetched but people will still enjoy it, even if it doesn't require putting people down. As you can tell, I skipped "Celebrity Fear Factor." The original show at the park is so poorly scripted and executed, I didn't want to even imagine what the parodic version would be like. I can guess it included a lot of jokes that would make a 10th grader giggle but no scares. The only things that were really up to production value were the Asylum maze, the video of the Director on the tram, and the Mutaytor...I thought I would find them annoying but it was actually a great show and very creative. I guess that's what happens when you hire prepackaged entertainment--they actually come up with something of quality, rather than a rushed attempt to utilize preconceived ideas (Jurassic Park in the Dark was the only altered ride and all they did was turn out the lights. Okay, and they added some Jack O'Lanterns...which were admittedly a nice touch). I wouldn't advise anyone against going to the event but I would advise Universal Studios to do their best to focus more on fright than obscenities. Take some more time to incorporate the suspense from the mazes and the scare zones into the shows...there's a reason the lines were over an hour for the Asylum and there's also a reason why people left Slaughter World disappointed. Halloween is about scares, hence why people love the mazes and the scare zones--leave the T&A for Cinemax; leave the hate and objectification of women for people with less class than you (after all, you are a BUSINESS, and should have some college degrees somewhere). Just because your target audience is young doesn't mean they don't prefer clever material over obscene. Maybe next year, question whether YOU would enjoy the show rather than taking guesses at what the mind of a 16-year-old is like.

From Laura Benn on Oct 23, 2006
This year was a huge disappointment. I went 3 years ago and had such a great time I bought 7 tickets this year to bring family & friends, two who had never been. I had to keep apologizing for wasting their time. It was so crowded you couldn't move in the park. Long lines for everything including the bars and beer stalls. Two hour wait for PsychoPath - one minute of boring entertainment. Universal could have done so much better. And Express Pass is great for anyone who wants to pay $60 more per ticket, but this elitist stuff had me waiting even longer as I watched them all go ahead of me while I continued to stand in the long line. A case of corporate greed: Express passes and over selling the tickets.

From Mostly Anonymous on Oct 23, 2006
Unfortunately, by the time I read the bad reviews, we had already purchased our tickets. We went on Saturday the 21st, were there for four hours, and saw two things. The tram tour and the Asylum maze. The tram tour was a big disappointment. A long wait and a long drive to take a short walk past some spooky scenes. Yes, it was a little neat knowing that we were walking the backlot - but it was dark, so you couldn't really see anything much better than from the usual tram tour. The consensus of our group as we drove up to disembark was, "That's it?" The Asylum maze was very good, no complaints there - except for the 1 1/2 hour wait. The scare zones were okay, but not big enough. It seemed like as soon as you got into them, you were out the other end. Universal seriously oversold this event. The waits were at least 45 minutes for everything, and at least 65 minutes for the Halloween attractions. So we spent most of the night waiting in the two lines. By the time we left the Asylum, it was nearing 1:00 and we were exhausted. If you're planning to go this last weekend, get there REALLY early. There are long lines to park, long lines for dinner in Citywalk, and lines to get through security and into the park. Unfortunately, due to our babysitter schedule, we had to arrive late. Or just DON'T GO! There are plenty of other Halloween attractions around. I wish now that we had just thrown away our tickets and headed to the Halloween thing at Pierce College instead.

From A Jones on Oct 22, 2006
I went to this event on Friday, October 20th. Prior to going I read the few reviews here and went with an open mind. First off I went on the terror tram and was really really really dissapponted with it. It was basically a walking tour of the backlot with a few chainsaws and zombies spread throughout. I guess they changed the tour guide from the obscene script because this guy had an exaggerrated lisp,but no foul language. I guess it was cool to walk past the bates motel, the bates house and the war of the worlds set but it was no big scary thing. The guy playing norman bates was taking pictures with people in the crowd. Well after that we went back to the park and waited in the extra long line for "the asylum"...which was like an 80 minute line, was it worth it, heck no, actually is anything worth an 80 minute wait. after going thru that maze we went thru the other only maze and it was a bore as well. i must say that I was shocked that thye only had two mazes. I always looked forward to universal halloween event because they didn't have it every year and when i attended it the first year thay had it in the 90's it was awesome and had numerous mazes but i don't know what happened but they need to go back to the drawing board. They need to have someone visit knotts and pick up some pointers and they have rides. With hollywood being the movie capital of the world USH should be ashamed of themselves. The parking was terrible (we had to park down the hill, walk up to another lot and get on a tram/bus up to the citywalk area). Lets hope that someone from the park reads these boards and makes some changes for the better next year. I was in a group of six and this was the first halloween type event for two in our party and they even thought it was lame. Those of us who have done these types of things before were dissappointed to say the least. My wife is normally a wreck at these things due to the suspense and what not and she was as calm as a cucumber, which helped me because she didn't scratch me up...in closing, i'm not saying save your money BUT if you go to knotts or univeral during the regular hours you probably will enjoy yourself more....peace.

From daniel capellino on Oct 16, 2006
Excitement builds......Late 1990's Universal Studios Hollywood has halloween horror nights. Great Designs. Great creations. Spooky haunted houses. Great costumes. Great actors. Great shows. Alot of attractions. 2003. Halloween horror nights ORLANDO. GREAT GREAT GREAT MUCH BETTER THAN HOLLYWOOD and why? Hollywood is suppose to be the movie capital of the world? SO>>>>> Think no more. 2006 Hollywood Universal brings it back to Los Angeles IN A BIG WAY!!!!! The Director!!!!! We buy our tickets...Excitement builds. The night has come. FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!NO LESS..... WE ARE IN LINE. THE GATES START TO OPEN. AND YES IT HAPPENS.. Mother nature is tricked on the 13th of Friday and it RAINS HARD. REAL RAIN. First we were bumed then we thought hey its not cold just wet. We continue our walk into the park. Excitement builds as we wait for the 7pm to open the attractions. Finally we are off to our first maze (haunted house). The Asylum. Not a long wait. 10 mins. Very scary haunted house!!!!! Some of the actors were boring but non the less great concept. Then we go to the next maze "classic monsters, like hannibal lector, jason, michael myers, and 1/2 of the attaction as empty as a public pool during a thunder storm. BORING!!! We walk thru the back street where one charactor/actor chases my friend thru the park. Excitement builds. laughter starts. We go to the ulitmate. Terror Tram. We board in 15 mins. Get on the tram where the tour guide YElls at us the whole time. shows us a stupid movie from the Director. Stops the tram and yells: Get off my tram..... wow i was scared. Scared that her lungs didn't explode, at least that would have been fun. We walk pass the bates motel watching a live scene of people looking stupid and a un rehearsed 'norman bates' walking in a daze. Next we walk past the pyscho house where this actor looks a lot like anthony Perkins. Great Choice! but he looks like he just came from trial in a white shirt and pants yawn! the we walk past Zombies at war of the worlds. Oh boy did i almost wet my pants.. Oh wait it rained a little more thats why. YAWN. We boarded the'Terror Tram' the yelling and loud noises start again. Yawn. We go thru the very stupid very similar to the day time 'mummies cave' . yawn. See a pattern? If not for the FREE Full Throttle drink i would have been sleep walking. bottom line: I'm glad we only paid $25/each. it should have been free or should have paid us to attend. Universal studios Hollywood should be ashamed to take people's money for this sad attempt of halloween horror nights. Do not waste your time with this years HHN-Hollywood. go to orlando. yes you pay more but you will get a lot more!!!! Maybe hire people with talent. Use Directors/producers like in the 1990's who know how to do it right. Go to disneyland and learn how to design the park to look spooky and Halloweenish. Go to Orlando now to get ideas how the NEW HOLLYWOOD USA does it. Fire whoever came up with the lame story idea of the Director. change the name of "Slaughter World" to "slutty world". By the way Slaughter world is Water world with some slutty attempt and no slaughter at all. Only the patrons will feel 'slaughtered" for wasting their time at this show. Shame shame shame. I'm sure I will hear the same thing written back to me. Next year HHN if there is one, DO IT RIGHT!! Hire me. Ill do it 1000 times better. More mazes like orlando "8". have a theme. Have more rides open. have mazes down by backdraft/Jurrasic park etc. And last but not least.... Where the Heck was the Director and his vision. I think we must have went to the wrong park nothing had anything to do with the Director. He is MIA..... at least thats good news. If you want to spend $79 for front of the line do because the lines are going to be 75 mins minimum if your late getting there... Here's hoping 2007 HHN will return with better PRODUCERS/DIRECTORS...ps fire the 'Director' whose MIA....ha daniel

From Mitch Davis on Oct 16, 2006
Lets start with the good news: Universal Halloween Horror Nights is BACK!! My Wife and i last went around 2001 when they last held this event. It was Amazing back then. Tons of fun! So happy Universal finally realized Halloween was an important event for millions of theme park goers. Now... The Bad News: Universal Badly estimated the public interest in such an event. Not only were lines to park about an hour. With line to pay for parking being terrible. and parking very hard to find. but that wasnt the worst of our sat night experience. We found massive lines for everything, running 75-40 minutes. Glad we splurged for the Front of Line pass, but what about those who didnt? So those who were stuck in line to park then got to park and then got in line for virtually everything it wasnt fun. Simply stated, Universal needed more staffing and to run the event more nights. The event for 2006 was scheduled only for SEVEN nights in total. It is like they didn't know how many people would be interested in the event. Park was crowded and not enough attractions for the sized crowd. As a comparison, for 2006, Knotts Scary Farm had 26, i repeat 26 nights. Not enough mazes and attractions: What fans of theme parks love, and fans of the old Universal Halloween events, IS MAZES. How universal of old set itself above Knotts Scary Farm was cutting edge mazes with production quality and design which was amazing. How Universal did it this year? well, there was one amazing walk, TERROR TRAM Ride, was simply a fun experience. Without ruining it, you are able to take a tram to an amazing experience be chased by zombies on the backlot and more. Great sets from movies. wow! fun. Where it fails? no story at all. just zombies and monstors to have them. All set but no story, except the existential "Director" who haunts the backlot. Makes me wonder what "marketing" person came up with that idea. In years past they would have had a CLIVE BARKER or ROB ZOMBIE created maze. Those mazes were amazing and fun. with high end production values. Not enough mazes. Just two official mazes, The Asylum, Van Helsing, & the other one (Sort of) is Terror Tram. While other theme parks do 7+ mazes, Universal dared to be different. I have some words to Universal, DONT BE. please for 2007 make at least 6 mazes. honestly, you would do alot better to do 8 of them. Hell it was the best part of your event before you shipped most of the old ones off to Florida to start Halloween there and shut it down in Los Angeles. Last night i would say the vast majority of monstors wore low quality masks that werent even worn properly. the folds of them were placed over the clothing. at Knots and universal of old, they would were costumnes properly. Don't get me wrong some of the costumes were amazing. but quality control is obviously an issue in costuming. Also, what they did have was alot of shows: Fear Factor Halloween, Carnival of Carnage, Chucky's insult Imporium, Slaughter World and Mutaytor (a burning man performance troup). The shows were fun, but to be honest they are just a side of what they ought to have offered. All in all we had a decent time, there was a little fun to be had. we caught Jurassic Park ride, The Mummy Ride. but aside from that and food, there was nothing else to do on the lower park area. The escalators didnt have the lights turned down and no monstors to keep guests occupied on the way down. There is plenty of room for universal to add at least two mazes down there. Why not do one outside and one in a sound stage or two? ok... so i layed out how they can improve some... well I would also say on food. Universal is a park known for excellent food, yet last night they shut down all of the franchise brands to be able to sell cheaper food. Yes that means no Ben & Jerry's, Panda Express, Pizza Hut, El Pollo Loco. Leave one of the higher end restaurants open. And sell the nicer ice cream. its fun. Another thing, after all the traffic and lines. the park needs to be open longer. Hours are 7pm-midnight. A really poor schedule. Knotts Scary Farm is open from 7pm-1am weeknights, then on weekends till 2am. This would be a great cue to follow. My last notes: Thanks for opening up the Halloween event again, Yes it feels like Coke underwrote the whole thing by having Full Throttle Energy drink banners everywhere, but hell at least it's back. Now that it is back and bringing the crowds successfully. My hope is that Universal upps the ante. For 2007 you need more mazes, more creativity, more wardrobe help, add an additional creative person to oversee it and add more details needed, have more wideranging food, and oh yeah more staffing, ie parking / traffic. One last note, it was sadly disappointing that even on a full park night, while the Halloween Horror NIghts map listed BACK TO THE FUTURE RIDE. it was closed. really bad scheduling. that was insulting that you didnt think enough people would show for the event that they penny pinched and kept the ride closed. With enough of a sales data, Universal should have known to keep the attraction open, like they are doing on later HHN evenings. Universal, I am glad halloween is back. Now do it right please!! You know what i am talking about, like how UNIVERSAL FLORIDA DOES!! with 7 new mazes for this year...... So universal, dont just half ass it for the FULL THROTTLE energy drink money. MAKE THE EVENT SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF!!!! UNi Hollywood should have way more of a full event like Florida has.____________________ But people go enjoy, it is fun. just go early if you can and also, try getting a line pass if you can. it helps

From chris maes on Oct 16, 2006
I wanted to share some of my experience with the group. I do not want to spoil it for anyone who has not been to the fest. So I will make it brief. My experience started on Friday the 13th. The first day of the haunted fest. The gates opened a few minutes early. The rain started as scheduled. I thought the rain could have be joined with some thunder noise in the background. Universal knows how to make sound affects I thought. Though no such luck. The mazes had a since of fear to them. You should be ready to scream. At least I did. I want to say the characters were in role most of the time. It seemed as the night went on the less characters were seen roaming the streets. Speaking from experience playing a role in a costume can be tiring and breaks are needed. The tram ride is what I, like most people went to see. To be able to walk on the backlot was a dream. Though the only dream that came true was just that, walking on the backlot. The intro. on the tram was HORRIBLE... They should have been playing the Theme or versions of pyscho to get you in the mood. Just showing you a video of the director was all... So my advise is this. You are getting people to come and one real thrill is walking the backlot. Make this a great experience. Get the people in the mood. Yelling and cursing is not cutting it. Play some video maybe saying Be on the LOOKOUT for Norman Bates He is wanted for Murder. If seen do not approach. He is Armed and Dangerous... So hope this helps.. Oh yea add more hours. 7pm to 12am is not cutting it. The shows also need to be more directed to halloween. The water show or slaughter show. Nothing halloween about it. Cut the show if you can not achieve a halloween theme. OH yea Put a maze in a sound stage... Come now you can not say that Universal had none available. My goal was to be there and have a good time with friends and get some fear. Well, I had a good time with friends.... Better luck next year, Chris

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