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Jurassic Park - The Ride

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Flume Ride
Minimum height to ride: 42 inches

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Universal Studios Hollywood's water ride, Jurassic Park — The Ride, opened its gates in 1996. Beginning as a gentle raft ride through the peaceful dinosaur exhibits including a 50-foot tall Ultrasaur, something goes terribly wrong and the river ride takes a turn for the worse thanks to a stray Parasaurolophus. As you are terrorized by raptors, spitters and the infamous T-Rex, you will also be bombarded with water coming at you from every side. Be prepared to get soaked... all the way down to your 'bones' with an 85-foot final splashdown.

In 2003, the Final Splashdown was made adjustable depending on weather and temperature conditions. A new 'Wetter than Ever' experience was added in 2007 as 60-foot-high water geysers soak all riders after the final splashdown.

At the Grand Opening, Steven Spielberg was one of the first to ride this attraction, but asked to be let off before the 85-foot finale.


Jurassic Park is a classic. The ride is a joy even after all these years. The final drop is a whopper and always a thrill. Universal is constantly working with their dino's in order to keep them looking good and thats appreciated. I really like the contrast of the calm start to the attraction and then the hectic ending when your boat takes a wrong turn. A must for any visitor to USH.
First off, we had no wait. We went on a Friday in October, and we walked through the line right onto the boat. It was also about 90 degrees outside, so it was a good time for a water ride.

I thought the ride was great, but some of the dinosaurs looked like they needed a little bit of work. One of the dinosaurs near the beginning of the ride looked like its neck was broken. The car sliding down the wall was one of the best parts-in the photo I took, you can even see the sparks.

We did not get completely drenched on this ride, but we got wet enough sitting in the front row. It was a fun ride through Jurassic Park.

Update-went with my sister on a Tuesday during January, and there was no wait for anything. It was about 70 degrees out and sunny, and we got a little wet, but we dried off quickly. The car did not slide down the wall, which I was disappointed about, but some of the dinosaurs looked much better than when I went about two years ago.

In our opinion superior to the ride in Orlando with a few added twists. Beware though as according to the temperature they do turn up the water effects..if it is hot and sunny expect a soaking!

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