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Shrek 4-D breaks the mold for 4-D theater shows by employing vivid characters, compelling visuals, a rousing plot and surprising effects. Plus, the film advances the "Shrek" story, rather than merely rehashing it, as theme park attractions based on movies typically do.

Shrek, Fiona and Donkey battle the ghost of Farquaad as he pursues Fiona on her way to her honeymoon. Along the way, the film offers more of the original's humor, coupled with an homage to "Star Tours" and the requisite parting shot at Disney. A must-see attraction at Universal.


This attraction is extremely disconnected when it comes to the waiting room, and actual attraction. While waiting, we're told we will be tortured in the next room. When we get into the auditorium, the movie plays and we have nothing to do with the show. What was the point of the waiting room?

The 4D effects are standard with water, moving seats, flashing lights and a few air blasts. The film itself looks high quality enough even today, but the actual script and jokes are pretty bad.

A minor note about the "Wanted" posters in the queue, it looks like they put a lot of time and effort in designing the graphical part, but didn't even bother making anything unique for the actual words on the posters. The font used to describe each character doesn't fit with the look of the posters, and the wording is generic, except for Shrek.

Pass on this one every time.

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