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Transformers: The Ride 3D reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Transformers: The Ride 3D, a simulator ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. (The minimum height to ride is 40 inches.)

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Posted: November 22, 2012

Imagine if you could cram all the action of a Transformers movie into one five-minute, 3-D package.

From the creative team that developed Universal Orlando's Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man comes the next generation in that motion-base, 3D ride technology. On Transformers, you'll be riding in EVAC, an Autobot who doubles as your ride vehicle. Together, you're charged with taking the Allspark shard to safety during a Decepticon attack.

But of course, things go terribly wrong, and you end up in the battle. Check out editor Robert Niles' review of Transformers: The Ride when it debuted in Singapore, and read his exclusive interview with ride designer Thierry Coup, who describes what to expect, in detail.

The ride opened May 25, 2012, with passholder previews starting in April.

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Readers' rating:

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I've never been on Spiderman, but Universal really outdid themselves on this ride. Undoubtedly a 10/10 - Ronald McNally

Hands down the best theme park attraction in this country. The ride is non-stop action from the moment it starts and it never lets up. The visuals are crisp and the vehicle synchronization is perfect. The queue area is very well done and does an excellent job of setting up the ride. Truly amazing what Universal has done here and this ride alone is worth a visit to Universal Studios Hollywood. - Manny Barron

I know nothing about the Transformers movies, but I did enjoy the ride. It was a unique experience-I have never been on a 3-D ride that ran on a track, and moved you around. It really felt like I was in a car and moving through the streets. I would say that this is a ride not to miss, but it would have been better had I seen the Transformers movies! - Lisa Jania

Having had the chance to go out to California recently, I went to USH, largely to ride Transformers before it opened here in Orlando (I live in Florida). Simply put, it was an amazing ride in and of its own right, but the biggest issue I had with it was that it doesn't really do anything that Spider-Man doesn't do. If I had ridden this ride before I road Spider-Man, I'd have probably given it a flat 10, but I feel that 9 reflects the entire ride - queue and all - in general. Definitely something not to miss! - Eric Malone

Outstanding ride along very similar lines to the Spiderman ride in Orlando but with brighter and more defined images. Not to be missed! - Mark Moore

Definitely something that USH needed to draw people from Anaheim to Hollywood. Fantastic use of technology that provides a near seamless use of the illusion of speed and movement. I stared at the 3D glasses for a good 10 seconds before I smiled and realized why your peripherals were cut off. Non-stop action with quite a few "HOLY CRAP!" moments including a huge explosion, but I won't say more. Where this ride loses a few points is some of the action feels repetitive. And the ending is anti-climactic where I literally said "oh... that's it?" And is it just me, or does Universal have a thing for us going inside the mouth of creatures? First Back to the Future, then Simpsons, and now this? - Brandon Mendoza

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