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Based on the Kevin Coster film, "Waterworld," this 15-minute stunt epic is the go-to example whenever anyone wants to illustrate how a theme park attraction can far exceed the quality of its source material.

Waterworld, the film, may have been a bomb, but Waterworld, the stunt show, is consistently rated by Theme Park Insider readers among the best live shows in the theme park business.

Set in a world where the polar ice caps have melted, covering the continents in sea water, our hero Helen has discovered dry land. But the evil Smokers are after her and the secret of dry land's location. It's up the Mariner to save Helen, and fight off the Smokers.

Meanwhile, stunt performers dangle from high above the stage, plunge into the water and stuff blows up all over the place. And, oh yeah, keep your eyes open for the plane.


Best show at Universal. Crappy movie that turned into an awesome stunt show. The finale alone is worth the price of admission to the park! Well, maybe not, but it's a fantastic show overall. And the meet and greet with the stunt people is fun too!
One of the Best theme park shows out there. Yes it's simply a stunt show and yes it is based on one of Hollywood's biggest blockbuster flops, but this show is what you would want in an action show and more. Don't skip this show over, get their early and grab a seat!
This show is purely fantastic. It's only a breezy 15 minutes long, but they are some of the best in the theme park show business. The stunts are entertaining and the story is simple and to the point. Pre-show is also fun. Even after almost 20 years this show still feels fresh. Definitely one of the best theme park shows in the world.
Our favorite Universal Show so far.
I used to give this ride a 10/10 becuase of the stunts and amazing acting. But since Comcast took over they stopped the sea plane finale and they replaced some of the really good actors with mediocore ones. The biggest change in acting was the evil captain guy (sorry, don't remember his name) he was really good, then they replaced him with some guy that had the most ANNOYING accent thingy ever. But, overall still a good show.

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