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Demonstration of fire effects, as used in the movie "Backdraft."


It's very difficult to give this show a rating. Backdraft the motion picture came out in 1991. The attraction opened in USH in 2001. The presentations in the two preshow rooms are painful to watch, more so because they are only offered in Japanese. This means you have nothing more to do but look at the poor quality of the video. Another shocking aspect of the preshow is how young the cast and crew from Backdraft look. Lil' Ronnie Howard looks about 14 years old all dressed up in his Cliff Huxtable sweater and ball cap.
The actual show itself is fun. There is a lot of noise, explosions, fire and water. It's fun. It's just too bad they can't revise or remove the preshows.
If I could I'd give the main show an 8 and everything else a 3.

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