The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man: The Ride

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Simulator ride
Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

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Now updated with the 4K-HD projection and animation upgrade, you follow Spider-Man, while riding in the Daily Bugle's SCOOP vehicle. You're trying to chase a story, while Spidey's trying to save the day.


Once you board your Scoop vehicle everything is exactly like it is at Islands of Adventure other than all the dialog is in Japanese. I also feel like I saw some Japanese characters painted on the street as you plummet to a certain death when Doctor Octopus turns off the anti gravity ray at the end of the movie ride, but that may have been my imagination.
I used the single riders line, so I can't vouch for all the News Room props and sets in the queue like IOA has. The biggest difference was the load station. There is a double loading station to increase capacity on the ride. Everything looked great.

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