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Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Boat ride

jeremy cheong

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Published: September 22, 2010

A thrilling river raft ride through primeval dinosaur exhibits.
My friends always ask me,"How wet will i get?"
& my reply has remained the same since Day 1:
"Imagine i am lifting a bucket, filled with 1 litre of water & i will throw the water over your head."

Dave Adams
Great ride, also the wettest I've ever been on any water theme park ride!
Caroline Davis
This is the best Jurassic Park in my opinion because you see more Velociraptors and there in real dramatic tension when inside the building.
Bryan Wawzenek
Quite possibly the best version of the Jurassic Park water ride (except for a rather ho-hum drop at the finale). Adding the rapids concept means you'll never have the exact same experience twice. It also adds an extra bit of terror when "somehow everything goes wrong." Be prepared to get soaked, although you might get lucky. Either way, you'll dry fast in the Singapore heat. Plus, if you need a locker, use the ones by Revenge of the Mummy. (They are free for at least 30 minutes; the JP ones cost money from the start.)

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