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Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, a boat ride at Universal Studios Singapore.

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Posted: September 22, 2010

A thrilling river raft ride through primeval dinosaur exhibits.
My friends always ask me,"How wet will i get?"
& my reply has remained the same since Day 1:
"Imagine i am lifting a bucket, filled with 1 litre of water & i will throw the water over your head."

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This is the best Jurassic Park in my opinion because you see more Velociraptors and there in real dramatic tension when inside the building. - Caroline Davis

Quite possibly the best version of the Jurassic Park water ride (except for a rather ho-hum drop at the finale). Adding the rapids concept means you'll never have the exact same experience twice. It also adds an extra bit of terror when "somehow everything goes wrong." Be prepared to get soaked, although you might get lucky. Either way, you'll dry fast in the Singapore heat. Plus, if you need a locker, use the ones by Revenge of the Mummy. (They are free for at least 30 minutes; the JP ones cost money from the start.) - Bryan Wawzenek

DAY: Friday. TIME: 4.00pm. STANDARD LINE: 85 minutes. SINGLE RIDER LINE: 5 minutes. RIDE DURATION: 10 minutes. TIP: There is a single rider line, even though it is not advertised. Just ask a cast member before entering the queue. TIP: You may take bags on this ride. They won't really get too wet. Think of pouring a cup of water over your bag. If this concerns you, get a locker. Lockers are free for 45mins in front of the Mummy ride next door. The Jurassic Park lockers are not free. DESCRIPTION: Commendable ride. I prefer this raft version over the boat version in the US, however, the drop is just too short. It has even less drop feeling as Pirates in Disneyland. I feel also the rapids could be taken up quite a few notches. It's overall too calm. I prefer the scenery in the Hollywood version. If you go down the drop facing backwards, be prepared for a complete soaking. Otherwise, you will just have a splash (which in Singapore weather, will dry in about 5 minutes!). Good job, but I hope they ramp up the rapids before the official opening. Australia's Wonderland still had the best rapids I ever rode! - Daniel Smith

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